Taylor Lautner’s New Girlfriend: 9 Things We Know About Marie Avgeropoulos

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marie avgeropoulosAttention Team Jacob, someone is getting exclusive rights to our favorite shirtless werewolf's pecs, and we are so envious. That's right -- Taylor Lautner has a new girlfriend, actress Marie Avgeropoulos. Obviously he is defying our inevitable attempts to create a name portmanteau. Lautgerpoulos ... yeah, doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. But anyway, who is this lovely lady? We want to know all about her! Here are 9 things you need to know about your rival -- I mean, about Marie Avgeropoulos.

1. She's a Canuck. Marie was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

2. She's an "older" woman. (Notice the irony rabbit ears there.) She's 27 years old to Taylor's 21. Hawt.

3. She's no stranger to the supernatural. Marie played Kristie Nelson/Reynolds in the mystery TV show Cult. And she's made an appearance on the TV show Supernatural.

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4. She's an athletic outdoorswoman. Marie learned to fish, hunt, and camp as a youngster growing up in the mountains. She also went backpacking through Europe alone for months. She loves surfing.

5. She's on skins. Marie has played the drums since she was 16, and that helped her catch the eye of a casting agent later on.

6. She's on a hog. Marie rode a Harley-Davidson all the way from Canada to Los Angeles.

7. She's a dog lover. Marie has a Cane Corso and looks like one other dog.

8. She's on Instagram. Of course! Here's a photo Marie took with Taylor and a few other friends.

9. She met Taylor on the set. Marie and Taylor co-star in the upcoming film, Tracers. The movie involves something about the mafia, bike messengers, and parkour. Sounds perfect for these two!

How do you feel about the news that Taylor is dating Marie?


Image via Marie Avgeropoulos/Instagram

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nonmember avatar teaonia avery

im mad and jealous that shes dating him its so not fair well i dont like taylor lautner anymore

nonmember avatar NoWay

I'm happy for him if he is happy. He's too young for me, anyway. ;-)

Valeriya Abrahamova

...i think they can have good relationship,...they have much in common,...of course Love is priority,....i wish them Luck,...Talour is very talented actor & good guy,...he deserves to be happy,....she seems to be good partner for him,...

nonmember avatar lily

Well to be honest I think Taylor Lautner is a better couple with Lucy Hale...they make a good couple especially bc she is 24 n he is 21 years old not that much of a difference of age and like she is 5'2 and 5'9 I think they should give it a try js...

Georgia Jude


nonmember avatar sam

aww shes hot he is not
she deserves better

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