'Teen Mom 3' Star's Spin-Off Is Just What the Series Needs

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Mackenzie Douthit Whelp, Teen Mom 3 is no more. By now we've all had enough time to mourn its passing and have moved on. We're more concerned with pressing matters like figuring out whether that one toenail is ingrown or not and if that guy on the bus winking at us is emotionally disturbed. Sad but true -- the world, verily, moves on.

Luckily, it's starting to sound like we won't have to say farewell to ALL of this cast. The rumor mill is agog with chatter that audience-favorite Mackenzie Douthit is getting her own spin-off. Sorry all-the-other-ladies, but yay-Mackenzie! Put back on your leotard and get to tumblin' y'all, if you can overcome the pain of your aforementioned ingrown nail -- let the celebrations begin!

What's giving these rumors a bit more credibility than they would have normally? Alex Sekella's baby-daddy Matt McCann has dropped some tweets lately indicating that if ANYONE on the cast is going to get their own show -- it's gotta be Mackenzie. Of course, there are some, uh, aspects of Mac's life that might keep her off the small screen if her bosses have anything to say about it.

Like for example her second pregnancy. MTV doesn't exactly smile down on those who violate their (TOTALLY HYPOCRITICAL) message of safe sex and no-pregnancy for teens. Still, you can't deny that the girl is super cute and super compelling. She's also got a stable background and money to support her burgeoning family. Plus the second baby was planned -- she might not, she has shared, be able to have kids later in life.

Like Maci Bookout before her, MacKenzie seems focused on creating a better life for her family and for herself. Plus that Southern twang certainly doesn't hurt in the charm department. I think if she plays her cards right, Mackenzie's got this show in the bag.

Do you think Mackenzie is the next Maci?


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Mark Cox

better life?  she said she didnt want the kid and went off cheating with everything moving....but of course she gets the spinoff

linzemae linzemae

I wouldn't watch. I find her annoying and immature

Jai Hutto

I dont think ANY of them should have thier own spin-off show. None.

nonmember avatar Lynda

I think Mackenzie is a complete dope. She has $$?? From what? Not her job, or her education.and 2 kids later NO ONE is tumbling...what for? You're not going to college and high school is over...

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