Peta Murgatroyd & Brant Daugherty Caught Doing More Than Dancing


Brant Daugherty Peta Murgatroyd

The only thing I love more than Dancing With the Stars is a good old-fashioned Dancing With the Stars romance. And it looks like there might be one happening as a result of the season 18 pairings! Get this one -- apparently Peta Murgatroyd and Brant Daugherty were seen making out at an event in L.A. last weekend, which can only mean one thing. Duh. They're totally doin' it.

According to an eyewitness, they were "inseparable" all night -- and at one point Peta was seen rubbing Brant's back in addition to sharing quite a few kisses.

And based on this picture that Brant posted to Instagram the next day, it definitely looks like he and Peta are closer than ever. He captioned the shot with, "Had so much fun at Trevor Live last night with this lovely lady by my side." Aww. That has to be a subtle way of saying, "I'm falling for this chick and couldn't be any more obvious about it."

Damn. What took 'em so long? Brant and Peta make such a stunning couple -- which is why it's kind of puzzling that they weren't hooking up during DWTS. (Or maybe they were and we just didn't know it.)

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I mean, even if they had the slightest hint of attraction going on between them, they should've milked it for all it was worth. Oh come on -- remember how nutso everyone went during the All Star season over whether or not Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy were dating? Viewers simply can't resist the idea of partners taking their relationship to the next level. Brant and Peta probably would've fared better in the competition had they been a bit more flirty.

OMG. They would've gotten so many more votes simply because fans would've been curious to see the romance developing between them from week to week. I wonder if they realize what a golden opportunity they missed?

Oh well. At least they're hot for each other now -- if they really were seen getting their smooch on, of course. Who knows ... maybe this will turn into a long-term thing, which would be pretty cool!

Do you think Brant and Peta make a cute couple?


Image via Instagram

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Glenn Simpson

Would it have gotten them more votes, or fewer because people would think they weren't taking the competition seriously?  I find I have more respect for the couples who have the chemistry but keep it under control - at least until the show is over.

Darlene January

Romantic pooper @Glenn!  I was so hoping for Val and Kelly! I love the idea of romance in the air.   It still may have turned out the same but oh well.   People mistake Dancing with the Stars all together, yes it is a dance competition but the winners winnings go to the charity of their choice.  They already got paid for being on the show so romance is not hurting anybody.   

Diane Stanhope

Yes I do think they make a lovely couple. He is so handsome and she is so pretty.

Rita Eileen Potenza

Its bound to happen with a lot of them.

she wears hardly nothing and the way they touch.Thee flirtation every one can see between a lot of them, even thee married ones .What do thee producers think ? properly don't care, look at Karina, and Val but it didn't go to marrige wonder if any do.

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I feel like this Is definitely true even though Peta said on her twitter "can't a girl have guy friends..? #rumorsarestupid" after this story about them came out I definitely think they are together she just doesn't want to admit it quite yet. Because I recall her saying her and Maks were friends until she finally admitted that they were together. I expect both Peta and Brant to be very quiet on Twitter and Instagram because of all this. I hope she just admits they are together very soon there's no need to deny it they are both very single very good looking people

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