Justin Bieber Reportedly Hurls Cruel 'Beached Whale' Insult at Fan

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justin bieberJustin Bieber has moved. The pop star decided he had enough of Earth, so he picked up and moved to another planet: Planet Douche (slogan: where everybody's always shirtless!).

That, and only that, friends, would be the only justification for Bieber's latest reported mishap. While hanging out at a hotel pool in Perth, Australia, Bieber called a curvy fan a "beached whale." And because that clearly wasn't insulting, ignorant, and obnoxious enough, he kept going (and going) like an insecure fifth grade boy.

According to onlookers, four girls were sunbathing by the pool at the Hyatt Regency when Bieber, surrounded by his security team, looked over and said to a girl who's been described as "gorgeous with long dark hair and a size 14," "What are you Hawaiian or something?" The girl, shocked, replied, "No, I'm not." He then went on to make his delightful "beached whale" comment, bringing the girl to the verge of tears. And he then wrapped up the pathetic stand-up routine with, "You should go on the Biggest Loser" and made a gesture to indicate a large belly.

I really don't want to believe this is true, because it makes me want to cry thinking about a fan of Justin's being humiliated by him in front of a crowd of people. But more than one person is claiming this gross account to be accurate, so I'm kind of a belieber. And now all I can think of is: Please, dear lord, let this be the final nail in Justin Bieber's coffin. How much more douchery can we take from one person? Sure, the guy is talented -- I saw Never Say Never, not afraid to admit it -- but the gas mask, the boob-grabbing, the wild parties, the car accidents, and now this. How can anyone be a "fan" of this yahoo?

Sadly, I don't imagine any repercussions would really come from this since Bieber seems to have an uncanny knack for avoiding repercussions. But we know one thing's for certain: Bieber lost at least one fan after his rude outburst.

Have you lost faith in Biebs?


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nonmember avatar Alexandra

You think at his age someone would actually have grownup and not felt the need to comment on others looks. Especially when beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some will find him unattractive too.

nonmember avatar april

I get that he's young and has a TON of money and fame and all that. and that probably makes him feel powerful and invincable. But he needs to grow the hell up a little bit. Those "mega boy stars" don't usually last forever and in a few years he may be relegated to former child singer status

Stacy L. Allen

This idiot constantly proves that having a ton of money and being famous certainly does not buy class!

claud... claudiaj1218

and yet girls continue to like him and his music. he's like the abusive boyfriend: he'll call you names and make you cry, but you still defend him to the death and convice yourself that this is "normal."

Jan Marie Marcotte

His classless qualities FAR outweigh any good qualities he may have had at any point...this jerk is a giant douche.bad

Cheryl Harbison Bailey

You're one sad young man...Hope you lose all your fans ..

nonmember avatar Mya

I realky dont care wat anyone says i know wat he said was wrong but chill with the name calling dudes hes just saying wat he thinks and i will always love him unconditionally

EmilyKC EmilyKC

He's a total douche! I agree with Cheryl I hope that little b***h loses all his fans.

Baile... Bailey8307

Ugh what a little turd!

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