Kanye West Thinks His Job Is As Dangerous As a Soldier's at War (VIDEO)

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Paging Mark Wahlberg, paging Mark Wahlberg. Thanks to Kanye West, the world is in need of another epic smackdown directed at celebrities who compare their ridiculously opulent lives to the stresses of serving in the military. I think Wahlberg said it best when he said, "How f*ckin' dare you!" -- but maybe he has some even stronger language for Yeezus, whose job is "like being a police officer or like war or something."

I am not even making this up: Kanye West recently said the dangers of performing his shows in front of a live audience are so extreme, it's like being cop or a soldier. And wait until you hear what he said about how he'll someday have to explain to his daughter how he and Kim Kardashian had to fight ... fight for ideas, fight for creativity, fight for thought. They had to FIGHT SO HARD, you guys.

And here I thought Kim initially earned her fame via a sex tape. Kanye just schooled me so hard.

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It's not exactly unusual for Kanye to share some sort of incredibly weird observation about his life (he recently compared himself to a slave), but he may have outdone himself this weekend with a SaturdayNightOnline interview that included a lengthy discussion about the dangers he faces onstage.

I’m just giving of my body on stage ... I’m putting my life at risk. This is like being a police officer or like war or something. You’re literally going out to do your job every day knowing that something could happen to you ... verbally, from the press bashing you, something could happen to you from people not liking you anymore. You could actually slip on that stage.

Here's the video, which gets even stranger as he goes along:

You know, it's really -- REALLY -- easy to make fun of Kanye West, but do you ever get the impression that he's actually sort of ... maybe not entirely ... a few beers short of a ... like he could benefit from some talk therapy and possibly a psychopharmaceutical prescription or two? I'm just saying, whenever I see him do interviews like this, I start out thinking he sounds like a pompous idiot and then I wonder about how he seems to so fervently believe the insane things he says. Like the moment at 0:08 in the video when he says he's putting his life at risk and his eyes get all wide? Dude. *raises eyebrows meaningfully, slowly twirls finger next to temple*

Crazy or just crazy like a fox for publicity, I'm thinking comparing himself to a soldier isn't going to go over well with many folks. To borrow another eloquent phrase from Mr. Wahlberg, "I don’t give a fuck what you did, you don’t do what these guys do."

What do you think of Kanye's latest declarations?

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adamat34 adamat34

Monumental douchbag. Kim and he are made for each other. I bet they fight over mirror time.

How dare he compare himself to people actually making a difference in the world! He makes me sick.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I don't mind his music. But that man is just full of himself...

JS0512 JS0512

You know, I saw him on Ellen recently & I wondered the same thing (about him not being entirely...there).  I think if I had read what he had said I would have thought "Wow, he's really passionate about this!"  But watching it...there was no emotion or expression.  It just seemed totally off to me.  I can't believe he's comparing the possibility of SLIPPING to the real dangers that the police & soliders face on a daily basis.  He makes me feel like the world is being punked.

cmjaz cmjaz

Just ignore him maybe he'll go away

wamom223 wamom223

What people are just wondering this now?  You can tell by looking at him that his elevator does not go to the top floor (it may very well be stuck in the basement.)

nonmember avatar Amanda Chantel

Wow this guy is CRAZY! What was Kim thinking when she hooked up with him....But then again that is all she had left to choose from after all her bad choices she has made in her life. These two were made for each other! They probably take a long time in the mirror to make sure they match clothe and to see what kind of face they are putting out in public that day....LMAO!!! They deserve each other because i still can't understand why she is famous and why they follow her all the time....She is so in love with herself and i don't understand why she has to take those selfies of herself and him too! They are so desperate for attention. Kimy your 15 minutes of fame are so over! Bad choice of a husband!! Seems he controls your life and that is so sad! Wear better clothe please and get rid of the white clothing please! Have better class in dressing yourself....Keep not that less is not better when it comes to dressing....Keep it classy and set a good example for your daughter!

landr... landrylamb

He confuses me.  It is so hard for me to believe anyone could be this big of a tool.  Sometimes I wonder if he isn't just punking us all. 

nonmember avatar ruthie

He's a talented musician, but what a prick. I can't believe he says the things he says and no one takes him down for it. I wish he and Kim would just disappear.

nonmember avatar Beyonc3

Hahahahahahahaha he is ridiculous. His skank got fake tits and fat injection on her ass and then got fu€Ed and showed it to the world! Lol fight for what? Whose coochie is the loosest? Lol

nonmember avatar Lisa

What he said was dumb but you completely twisted it. He was talking specifically about the mountain that goes 20 ft in the air with no safety net not just performing

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