Catherine Giudici 'Dares' to Upgrade Her Engagement Ring (PHOTO)


catherine giudiciHow could anyone not love Catherine Giudici? Okay, those gunning for the heart of Sean Lowe might not be too pleased with her since she got the man, but Catherine just seems like so much fun to be around. She's quirky and has a great sense of humor. Love her.

But she had me seriously worried when she posted on her Twitter that she upgraded her engagement ring from Sean while she was in Miami partying it up for her bachelorette bash. OMG Catherine! What were you thinking?!?

This is what she was thinking ....


Girl, you are just SO SILLY! There's probably never a dull moment when Catherine is around. There's probably never a dull moment because the wedding is NEXT MONTH! And I have to say, I'm glad she's only kidding because upgrading your engagement ring is kind of tacky. It's THE ring the man gave to you at the moment you said yes. If you upgrade it, that's like saying you really said, Maybe, but only if this diamond sparkler was better. Which is lame. Unless of course the ring somehow was turning your finger green, in which case by all means ... upgrade.

Do you love Catherine's sense of humor? Or does she bug you?


Image via clmgiudici/Twitter



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nonmember avatar twiliyte

I upgraded. After 10 years and 4 kids- I still have and wear the one I was given, because we couldn't afford a ring, my best friend 5 states away sent him a ring to propose with! The solitaire isn't real but the gold is- and every year for our anniversary I got a new 2mm band as a gift. After 10 years my ring finger was literally stretched! It's a full half inch longer than the one on my right hand and a quarter inch longer than the finger next to it! It's been almost 13 years (this month)!

nonmember avatar Ronnie

I find their sense of humor very funny. Some people do not like their invites, but I thought it was hilarious and showed who they really are. People, lighten up and enjoy the moment. It is interesting how people upgrade both engagement and wedding rings. I'm old school. My mom wore the same ring until she passed a couple of years ago. She spoke of replacing it as it had seen it's share of bangs and bruises, but she never did. My dad told her to get a new one, I offered to shop for it with her, but it was never that important to her. For those who upgrades, I feels that it says "what you gave me wasn't good enough". I prefer to have something else...let's take a trip. #ijs

nonmember avatar Jag

They both have the same sense of humor & that is good. I personally would find it irritating & that is why Sean & Emily would never have worked out. Emily has a much more serious side. Having said that I think Sean & Catherine are perfect for each other.

Linda Donkin Clark

I think she is adorable and that Sean's a very lucky man!!

nonmember avatar angel

She is not right for him she's basically saying the one he gave her isn't good enough

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