'Teen Mom 3' Canceled After Only 1 Season

Teen Mom 3Teen Mom has been a very successful franchise for MTV and has turned Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout into household names. But for some reason, Teen Mom 3 just never took off the way Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 did. Now, it seems the show has been canceled.

According to tweets from star Briana Dejesus, the show has been canceled once and for all. For those of us who appreciated this show because, unlike past cast members, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus, Katie Yeager, and Alex Sekella seemed to have it more together, this is disappointing news.

Now we will never see Mackenzie give birth to her second and won't be able to follow these girls' storylines. See Briana's tweets below:



There aren't a lot of other ways to interpret these remarks. Though MTV has yet to officially announce it, it does seem as though the writing is on the wall.


What is perhaps saddest about this whole thing is that part of what made these girls "boring" was the lack of drama (or at least, "drama" compared to past seasons), so is that really all MTV cares about? Ratings? What happened to the idea that they are helping teach lessons to teenagers? I guess boring lessons don't count.

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In the end, it is what it is and Teen Mom 2 is slated to start again in January. Maybe the best last words are from Katie Yeager herself:

Sniff. So long Teen Mom 3. We hardly knew ye.

Are you surprised MTV canceled this show so quickly?


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Waiti... WaitingforApril

I could never get into this season. I would watch the girls from seasons 1 & 2 though. I just never "connected" with any of these girls.

nonmember avatar jen

Maybe it was the inevitabilty of receiving fat checks from MTV that was put people off from watching a "reality show" about teen moms. At least when series one and two were introduced veiwers didn't have a clear idea of the financial aspect of being on a show like this. That and all I could think about when I tuned in was "which one is going to jail/doing porn first this season."

Season one - Had the adoption couple Caitlyn and Tyler plus their crazy parents, Bently's obvious cuteness

Season two - Corey and the immense sympathy viewers had for him (seriously Leah never ceases to be awful to him), twin girls one with one having a mystery illness and finally being diagnosed a "little person", and (my fave) Babs!!!!!!!!

Season 3 - Real stars were Brianna's sister and mother. They need their own show, seriously.

Other than that I found the girls seriously lacking in ANY confidence and self esteem, which was a complete turnoff from watching. Oh and who's idea was it to cast Alex?? Someone needs to let her know that you can ACTUALLY get problems solved without yelling. I feel for her kid.

At least in the previous seasons the girls would leave the guys if they were being treated like crap. These girls just took it and cryed for more. Awful.

nonmember avatar kimmy

I watched every Teen Mom from the 1st all the way to the 3rd, well i tried watching the 3rd. It just wasn't for me.

rach_bea rach_bea

There was way too much violence this season. There was only one mom's story that didn't involve threats and violence and that's what needs to be shown more of. Teaching teenagers and other young moms how to deal with the stress of being a patent should be the number one priority!

kayba... kaybayblee3

I agree, there was too much drama that it was annoying this season. I made it through maybe 3 episodes before I just deleted the show off of my DVR.

nonmember avatar michelle

Keep it on me and my kids watch it all the time it is on.

Thank michelle

BatMom. BatMom.

I'm not surprised, as all of the moms aren't messes. So many people don't want to see that. They want drama and train wrecks and shitty mothers, like most of the other Teen Moms are. But at least Alex, Katie, Briana, and Mackenzie, and all the adorable kiddos, are doing well. That's what matters.

Jamie Wilson

Season 3 was my favorite by FAR!! I'm sad that we won't get to see Mackenzie and Josh married with BOTH of their children. I also wanted to see what would happen with the other girls and their baby daddies. #foreverafan


I'm not surprised at all. The season was just meh and I didn't really like anyone except Joey and Briana's sister Brittany. She always made me laugh with her random comments.

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