Craziest 'Real Housewives' Meltdown of All Time (VIDEO)

Stuck in Reality 4

From The Real Housewives of Atlanta to New Jersey, Orange County, and even The Real Housewives of D.C., we've got gossip and drama coming out our ears this week!

Did you catch that sly ol' NeNe Leakes calling Phaedra Parks a "head doctor"? No wonder Apollo can't apologize quickly enough, though in this week's exclusive video, I give you some behind-the-scenes possibilities for this scandalous Kenya Moore texting storyline.

We take a deep dive into the Kandi Burruss and Momma Joyce feud, and the reason I think viewers respond to this more than family conflict on other franchises, as well as why Porsha Williams Stewart has a ticking clock between now and the reunion shoot.

Over in Orange County, Tamra Barney Judge may or may not have overstepped her housewife boundaries this week, and cameras are back on in New Jersey! I have some juicy Dina Manzo gossip as well as my prediction for what Teresa Giudice might be doing with her on-camera time.

Finally, remember Michaele Salahi? She and her fiance, Journey singer Neal Schon, are making a brave play to get themselves some camera time, and you won't believe what they expect to earn from it. Or maybe you will. I think I need a drink, but before I take care of that, I give Michaele some advice. We'll see whether she takes it.

What do you think of Mama Joyce's blowup?


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nonmember avatar Andrew

Mama Joyce and daughter should go on another show. IMO Daughter is brainwashed and does not know right from wrong behavior and misunderstands simple conversation about her mama and her behavior.

Irregardless Kandi needs to also understand its fans who provide her living so she needs to get her ducks in a row so to speak and she can start by growing up or take mama and go to another show.

Kathy Woods

I SO Love Alex and her insider scoop!  Who knew all of the DC housewives got divorced.  I had NO IDEA!?  OMG!

As for mama joyce and Kandi, Mama is petty, small minded and jealous!  No 2 ways about it!  Kim Z's mom was the same way.  I suspect that a lot of mothers are jealous of their famous daughters.  Hot MESS - I can't stop watching (and feeling superior)

nonmember avatar Debbie

Mama Joyce is bipolar. She has a huge problem of letting her children out of the nest. I can relate. I lost my oldest brother at 17 when he tried to outrun a train, yet our family needed therapy which my Dad denied we made it thru. Mama Joyce probably needs the same therapy. When my future husband asked my Dad for permission to marry me he actually stated "I don't care" being a total ass hole. My Mom stepped in and said if she loved (me) we would elope and she didn't want that because her and my Dad never had a church wedding. Long story short my Dad came around and since my hubby worked in construction he worked him to the bone from cleaning gutters to painting. I've learned to let go let God. He hasn't let me down yet!

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