Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Holiday Plans Sound Like a Disaster

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Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

Well isn't he just the most romantic gentleman on the planet. Supposedly Robert Pattinson has invited Kristen Stewart to London to spend the holidays with him -- which can only mean one thing, right?

Duh. After being apart for Thanksgiving, Rob and Kristen are finally realizing just how important they are to each other and figure Christmas is as good a time as any to give things one last go (blah, blah, blah).

But as nice as it would be to see these two kiss and make up once and for all -- I'm just not sure jetting off across the pond is in Kristen's best interests right now.

Yes, I'm saying she should probably go ahead and decline Rob's invitation.

Here's the thing -- it's no secret that Rob's family isn't exactly enamored with Kristen. And I guess you can't really blame them for being leery of her, considering she cheated on their boy and all. But if she does head to London to spend Christmas with Rob -- can you imagine how awkward things are probably going to get?

I don't care how much they love Rob -- it's going to be next to impossible for the fam to put on a happy face and pretend they've accepted KStew. (I can just hear his sisters whispering to each other now about how wrong she is for their dear bro.)

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I mean, we have to assume she'll see his family at some point during the holiday, if not over the duration of the entire visit, right? I highly doubt Rob would have her come all the way over there and then stay away from his parents' pad the whole time. If he isn't planning on having her see his fam -- he probably would've suggested they spend Christmas together in L.A.

And if Kristen knows what's good for her -- Los Angeles is exactly where she'll stay. If they are truly meant to be together, one more holiday apart isn't going to kill them. And then maybe by next year, the dust on the cheating scandal will have settled even more and Kristen can make the London trip and live happily ever after with the Pattinson clan. (Or something like that.)

Do you think it's a good idea for Kristen to go to London for Christmas?


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nonmember avatar Hilary

His family might not be welcoming Kristen but its time that they realised that their boy loves her and wants to be with her - what better time to mend bridges than at Christmas time. I think Kristen should definitely accept the invitation and be with the man she loves. As for Ms Fischer - you are always so negative about the relationship and more particularly about Kristen - wish you would try and be a bit more tolerant and decent towards their relationship\Kristen

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Please!  How do you know he invited her?  There is no proof of that.  Just another made up story from HL.  Leave them alone.  Let them do what's right for themselves.  Together not together no matter what.  They are both nice people who have emotions like everyone else.  Move on!🙊🙉🙈😁

Floser Lebrun

Family rob anything to say, I said yes
be that it shows that she is!

MaryBeth E Parker


Kimberly Annette Bachman

The cheating scandel is already old news! The only people still talking about it is the stupid media! Get a grip and shut up about it! If Rob has a problem forgetting about it, Is because all the idiots trying to sell their magazines won't stop printing about it! 


Laysla Gomes

logical that they're going to get ta the face they too see their families pd now I ask you they're going to enjoy the vacation will be?

nonmember avatar Kelly

Best Wishes to the two of them. I wish everyone would stop the hating and if the two of them want to them want to be together, it is their business not ours.

Kari Salinas

Kristen a huge B thats y nobody likes them together..duh

Sabrina Svobodná

 Kari Salinas -Really? if she is a B SO WHAT ARE YOU? worse man like you disgust people just rude and disgusting talks like that, you know, and perhaps her know how she is,

Pamela Gentile Aicher

If they want to be together, they should just get it over with and do not hide their head in the sand. Face the parents and show them how much she loves him and they will accept her. If she hides it will make it worse in the long run! Go for it Kstew

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