Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Share First Kiss as Ana & Christian! (PHOTO)

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jamie dornanWelp. For any of you wondering how Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were going to fare in Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of chemistry, wonder no more. The results are in. And they're lukewarm. Shots of Johnson and Dornan playing Steele and Grey have surfaced, and on one hand, they're very exciting, because ermahgerd! It's the first picture of the two of them kissing! But on the other, the kiss is looking a little more college friends who haven't seen each other in a while than hot, steamy, and naughty. Womp womp.

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Now, before you go throwing your copy of Fifty Shades into a metal trash can, dousing it with gasoline, and setting it a fire (and subsequently using said fire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores), let's all keep in mind that this is just one teeny shot in a movie that will have many shots of this couple kissing, and ... doing stuff. Let's not go passing hasty judgment here. (Though, come on, guys, this kiss is jank!) Hopefully, as filming goes on, Dornan and Johnson will get more comfortable with one another and, you know, act like they want to be making out. That would be nice. Because if we're not going to see crazy chemistry between the actors portraying Ana and Christian in the movie, what's the point of going to see the film at all?

Are you happy with the actors cast in the roles of Christian and Ana?


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Samantha May Guregian

I think better conclusions will be made when the movie actually comes out vs. tid bits taken from set shots and no clue what scene it is and what part of the book it's from. Looking forward to the movie though :)

huntn... huntn_momma2010

I agree, I have seen this picture from another angle and he looks amazing in it.  I absolutely cannot wait for this movie!!

Vermilion Jailhouse

Shoot a scene at our place The Old Vermilion Jailhouse Bed and Breakfast

Aracely Murillo

This part of the book seems to be when they had their date before her graduation and they were discussing the contract ,they look excellent to me.

Stacy Montamble Lott

I dont think he looks one bit the part of Christian! She's ok, but I'm just not seeing the chemistry at all....

ashjo85 ashjo85

Can we stop ripping this production to shreds based on sparse, blurry snapshots?

Sabrina Casseus

i think that this website needs to shut up about fifty shades of grey and stop analyzing every detail. the movie will come out when it ocomes out and it will look like it looks like. enough already. the movie will be what it is. in other words, it is what it is. stop obessing and anyalzing every little god damn thing about the movie, you are just taking away from the exitement of the experince for me anyways.

Paige Ashleigh Rodley

Thats not a kiss... Looks like the scene where she tells him shes wearing his underwear hahaa

Tonya Tosh

I think it is just a snap shot and not motion. People should quit questioning what's going to happen. Whatever it will be will be. I can't wait for the uncut version of the movie. Everyone should just wuit bashing on it. I love the 2 actors picked and will love to see what they have to offer us. LOVE IT


nonmember avatar Jade Guach

The best Christian Grey would have been Ian Somerhalder I don't see the chemistry between those two I don't like it at all!!

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