Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Duke It Out Over Barron Hilton Attack (PHOTO)


paris hiltonIn the wake of the brutal beating of Barron Hilton that may or may not have been orchestrated by Lindsay Lohan, big sis Paris Hilton has come out in defense of her brother, guns blazing! The former reality star/socialite took to Instagram, commenting on a photo of her scarred little brother, "They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!" 

Both? So, it sounds like Paris is convinced LiLo and a "male accomplice" are to blame, as TMZ reported ...

Meanwhile, it looks like sister Nicky Hilton is placing the blame on Lindsay's friends. In a Twitter exchange the sisters shared about the attack (because social media banter makes a lot more sense than getting on the phone), Nicky wrote, "Bad things happen when you hang out with bad people," to which Paris responded, "Karma's a b***h..." Oh, dear.

And let's not forget what LiLo had to say for herself! The troubled actress broke her silence on the alleged incident last night also via Instagram, posting an image of her at the Miami Shore Club, with a caption that made reference to enjoying herself with "honest, fun friends ... and no more bad folk." But she amended the post only a half hour later. Her lawyer and/or publicist (does she even have those anymore?) must've advised against her making any sort of reference to the attack, when the matter could very well end up in court.

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What a total mess! You'd think all of these people would have something better to do, but I guess it all stems from them being too wealthy (well, at least the Hiltons) and/or bored ... Judging from what allegedly happened to Barron, someone should definitely pay for the violent attack, but sorry, Paris, I'm pretty sure taking to social media with profanity-laced threats isn't going to solve anything! Then again, who knows if the attack was the only event here that was "orchestrated"? Perhaps it's a publicity stunt!? I wouldn't put it past any of 'em ...

What do you think about Paris' response to the attack? Do you think it could be a publicity stunt?


Image via Paris Hilton/Instagram

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Kimbe... Kimberlyrose83

I think they are stupid putting such things on social media for the world to see. So now if anything does happen to Lindsay, they will be the first ones looked at. Not that it really matters, we all know they just get a slap on their wrist and be sent on their way. *SMH*

kelti... kelticmom

Poor kid. It looks like he must of been wearing glasses when got punched. But even if Lindsay was behind it, nothing will happen. Charges slide off her like she's made of Teflon.

nonmember avatar Winnie48

Looks like Photoshop to me. Paris has been washed up has beenfor a longtime and we all know LiLo is washed up. So could be a PR stunt!

nonmember avatar Gail

Who cares money does not buy everything When that fella unzips his pants to relieve himself he has the same tools my boys have and when someone attacks them no matter who will u be told . Hell no!

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