Amanda Bynes May Have Left Rehab Too Soon

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amanda bynesWhoa! Just when we thought Amanda Bynes was looking better than ever and on the fast-track to recovery, new reports say the troubled former child star, who was receiving treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, isn't as well as we thought. In fact, According to RadarOnline, Amanda has been advised not to attend fashion design school at FIDM so soon after returning home and to instead seek further intensive treatment.

The site's source explains, "Amanda was told by her doctors that going to fashion school, so soon after being released from The Canyons [is] an absolutely terrible idea for [her] to do at this time. It’s almost setting her up for failure. There will be pressure on Amanda as far as school work, deadlines, and it’s unlikely she will be able to succeed." Ouch!

The source also points to the fact that FIDM is "almost two hours from her parents' house in Orange County, and she still doesn’t have a valid driver’s license." Hrrmm. That's not exactly the best excuse, considering that she could easily be driven to and from class, but apparently, the transportation issue is just a piece of the puzzle.

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The source offered a more understandable case, explaining that the former actress "is still seeing her doctors on an outpatient basis, but this is all happening way too fast and too soon. Amanda should be eased back into her life in a controlled manner, because she is dealing with a very serious health diagnosis. Why does she need to enroll now in school? It would be ideal if she waited six months to a year."

Nonetheless, Radar says Amanda will not seek further treatment at this time. In fact, those close to her feel that going school could offer structure and promote a normal rhythm and routine for Amanda. I could see that being the case, but who knows? There's also a chance it may be premature. Fingers crossed that her decision to stay out of rehab is what's best for her in the long-run.

Do you think Amanda is ready to start school -- or should she head back to rehab?


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Sarah... SarahHall58

People who have been hospitalized for that amount of time and in treatment for those specific diagnosis DO need to ease but into life but they do also need structure and support as well as continued treatment.

hello... hellokd87

I can understand it would be overload if she took a full schedule of classes but what if she took a couple of basic pre-reqs just to get the hang of it? She hasn't had a set routine it seems in a while & she's been out of work as well. Taking a couple of basic classes shouldn't put her over the edge. Also if she got help like tutoring if it was a little difficult for her would condition her not to be afraid to ask for help if she needed it.

Miche... Michelephant

She may not be ready to deal with the kind of intensity that is caused by going to school.  She was only in the hospital for about 10 weeks and it takes a lot of time for things like medications to be figured out, re-adjusting to socializing appropriately with other people as well as being able to apply coping skills to keep her from self medicating with drugs and alcohol.  This all takes time and outpatient treatment is different from inpatient.

Momma... Mommabearbergh

I don't think one class per semester is bad. She could use the structure.

nonmember avatar JournalofMind

Most psychologist encourage going back to school or work. Keeping a steady routine is ideal for most with behavioral health issues, because it keeps your mind occupied. As long as she doesn't overload herself with class work, this will be a good thing.

Being busy all day with classwork keeps her from over thinking her current situation. Doesnt allow for time to hang out with old 'drug' pals or time to attend parties that could keep her in trouble.

Also as long as she keeps up with medication and outpatient therapy should be fine. Staying in rehab for extended periods are usually NOT encouraged for patients doing well. It's more harmful than helpful to treatment.

nonmember avatar Radar Outofline

Radar Online is about as reputable as the National Enquirer or Star magazine. 99% of what they report is BS. Every time something comes out citing them, the next day the star they're referencing calls BS on them.
Amanda may have been told to slow down with her aspirations, but I'm sure that Radar's "sources" aren't nearly capable of making the decisions her doctors have. They said she's ready to go home, they're the experts, not some anonymous person who probably overheard part of a conversation.

nonmember avatar I'm no doctor

Schizophrenia usually happens before middle age (around age 30). Amanda is almost entering her 30's, she will have alot of mental problems by 30. Sorry to hurt the fans. Daryl Hannah also suffered from mental problems too, aspergers and autism.

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