Lindsay Lohan Accused in Brutal Beating of Paris Hilton's Brother

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lindsay lohanRemember back when Paris Hilton was uber-famous and hit up all the hot L.A. clubs with fellow troublemaking star Lindsay Lohan in tow? Looks like long gone are the days of any sort of bond between those two! In fact, judging from a recent, crazy turn of events, there may be a full-on war raging between the former friends ... Paris Hilton's brother, 24-year-old Barron Hilton was beaten bloody, and he claims Lindsay Lohan "masterminded" the attack, TMZ reports. What the ...?!

Barron reportedly attended a party on Thursday night at a Miami mansion where Lindsay has been staying while in town for the Miami Art Basel festival. During the party, someone accused Barron of spewing derogatory remarks about LiLo, and not long after, he was assaulted, according to TMZ.

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Barron contacted the police and allegedly told them that Lindsay approached him at the party with a male friend and began yelling, “You talk s*** about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get!” The guy then proceeded to assault Barron, with Lindsay was laughing and egging him on, Paris's little brother says.

After the incident, cops arrived and interviewed Barron, who apparently said that he doesn't know the identity of his attacker but is adamant Lindsay is the behind the attack.

Meanwhile, LiLo is denying the accusation and claims that she wasn't even there when the attack went down, but TMZ posted footage of Barron confronting Lohan after the assault. So crazy!

Ugh, just when we thought Lindsay may have finally had a shot at really cleaning up her act! Whether she was really behind the assault or is simply being framed, it sounds like this is only the beginning of another troubling chapter for the actress.

Are you more apt to believe Barron or Lindsay?

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crunc... crunchymomma87

what hasn't lindsay lied about ?

"Thats not my cocaine! Those aren't even my pants! I just put those on and the cocaine was in there!"

"That wasn't me driving! It was this guy! He just says I was driving..."

"That's not me stealing that necklace!"

I"m beginning to sense a pattern, maybe...  :P 

nonmember avatar SnowDog

Has there ever been another time when Barron got this kind of treatment before? What's his history of getting punked out?

nonmember avatar Tasha

Maybe Barron is such a nobody he believes this is his chance to put LiLo under n make a name for himself. Im just saying... who is Barron?

nonmember avatar KarenT

Who would believe anything Lohan says! I think all the entertainment news mags, news shows, tabloids, etc., need to quit covering her! And Miley, too! I'm sick to death of hearing all the "what they've done recently" stuff! Neither of them are in the least bit interesting and have both ruined their careers! Get on to someone who is talented and not so desparate! Miley thinks she's so "hot", she's not, she has turned into a slut; and, since she is so excited about being nude - you folks need to quit "covering" her! I feel so sorry for her family, especially her dad!

Looki... Looking4Truth

Lindsay is a habitual liar.  I'm betting she definitely had something to do with this.  I hope Baron heals up nicely though, and soon.

bookw... bookworm70

For those asking, Barron is Paris Hilton's little brother & they both are heirs to the Hilton Hotel empire. Barron has generally stayed out of the spotlight while his big sisters are trying to keep it.

(Also, what an unusual name?)

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