The Sly Way Gwyneth Paltrow Put an End to That Nasty 'Vanity Fair' Tell-All

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Gwyneth Paltrow People love Gwyneth Paltrow. People hate Gwyneth Paltrow. There is no in-between. You're either a consummate devotee at her altar, subscribing to GOOP non-ironically, and watching all of her movies, or you think she should be burned at the stake. Because I am not a fan of the burning of human flesh, I happen to be team Gwyneth. 

That's why I'd been following Paltrow's war with Vanity Fair so closely. For months it seemed, she had been going back and forth with the magazine. They were gearing up to do a tell-all take-down style piece about her life, and Miss Paltrow was not going to let them do it without putting up a fight. 

Gwyneth allegedly rallied. She sent out a blistering email to all of her famous compatriots telling them that Vanity Fair was running this article and that she had NOTHING to do with it. She begged them not to give interviews AND suggested that they boycott all things VF-related, including their very famous Oscars after-party. 

It didn't seem like VF head Graydon Carter was going to budge. The article was going to run. People speculate that the article contained details about Paltrow having an extramarital affair as well as other family secrets. Well it looks like we'll never know since Vanity Fair finally caved under the pressure. While they are still running a Gwyneth article, it is going to be something soft, fluffy, and not remotely embarrassing for GP. 

That's all well and good -- and honestly, the decent thing to do. I have no doubt that Paltrow (while still irked) is also totally relieved. If she is relieved, I am relieved because of my love for her. Still the naughty gossip hound in me reallllly wants to know -- what was in that article? What naughty secrets will go un-learned? Do she and Chris Martin drink the blood of virgins? Was Apple born with a tail? I MUST KNOOOOW. 

Do you love or hate Gwyneth?


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cleig... cleigh717

Sooooo. . . How did she get them to chuck the harsh expose? I still don't know.. .

cleig... cleigh717

Sooooo. . . How did she get them to chuck the harsh expose? I still don't know.. .

nonmember avatar Lisa2000

Personally for the probably truthful story about her to be completely dismissed is something I wouldn't trust about her immediately. If she was that hell bent on Vanity Fair, a magazine I especially love for their incredible stories.. I really love reading it and it's a classy magazine.. beautiful fashion, the works go as far as my #1 choice and that's where I first heard the story. She must have something to hide if she went that far out of her way to kill a story and surprisingly Graydon Carter, someone who usually doesn't back down to anyone and who only invites "The A List Crowd" to his Vanity Fair parties and will also kick you out if you're unwanted there... If he has that much power, did she threaten to sue? If so, let her sue.. The story must be kick ass to have gone that far. From her blog alone that shows me a great deal of what kind of a person she is.. I don't think she's that great of an actress, I don't think she's that attractive. I think her posture is horrible, she slouches, she isn't anything super special to me at all. I'm not an admirer. I am an admiring fan of Vanity Fair though and it's too bad they fell for her bull..

nonmember avatar J

I love how not running a story that tells the truth is the decent thing to do. Much better to print fake and fluff. Yes. Very decent.

Optim... Optimist34

Who listens to nasty Gynneth?   She will never be anywhere near the Martha Stewart as a style icon and no one will or does buy her books.

nonmember avatar Kate

For someone who has "been following Paltrow's war with Vanity Fair so closely" you seem to have missed all the parts where Paltrow's reps said that the alleged boycotting of the party was completely false...

I think VF just didn't actually have any dirt on her. They were apparently going after her "affair with Jeff Soffer" which had been a rumor back in 2008 -- and was proven to just be tabloid lies in 2008.

This whole thing has been dumb and aside from the one email from Gwyneth telling her friends not to give quotes to VF about her, most of this whole "Gwyneth vs Vanity Fair War" has been driven by gossip sites like this incorrectly reporting on things and speculating about the article.

I quite like Paltrow, and this makes me like her even more - seeing everyone so keep to have her destroyed makes me disgusted. She's not perfect, but she's hardly the worst person in Hollywood and so I'm glad this alleged article won't be running.

nonmember avatar Matthew

Put me solidly in the LOVE column. She speaks her mind and makes no apologies for her opinions. Most importantly, she doesn't pretend to be someone she is not. Oh, and she is a damn good actress with a wickedly funny sense of humor. I wish I was Chris Martin!

Janet Minutolo

The whole horrifying story is that she's just a regular person with nothing really to say. All this attention made her seem almost special. In reality, actors are all superficial. She's no different, better or worse.

PinkB... PinkButterfly66

I think Gwyn is silly and pretentious.

Choco... Chocodoxies

"That's all well and good -- and honestly, the decent thing to do."

That is called bad journalism. Maybe it wasn't a "nice" article, but if a magazine or newspaper can be "bought" then it isn't good journalism. It is not well and good, it is crappy. I don't care much what they wrote about her, but to know that they will toss a story, or rework it when pressure is applied just means they aren't serious journalists and they will run any fluffy crap story for the right price. Way to go Vanity Fair, losing all credibility with your reader in less than 2,000 words. 

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