Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles' Latest Date Pushes Taylor Swift Over the Edge

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Taylor Swift and Kendall JennerYoung celebrity dating cracks me up. Most of the time, there's all this buzz over two teens seen together, even though three weeks later, they're spotted out at some other fancy hot spot with someone else. But I'll give some credit to Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. Despite having ridiculously busy schedules, it seems that the duo's been dating for, like -- THREE weeks now (at least!). The twosome, who were first spotted out together November 20, made waves with their first date in West Hollywood. And apparently after the two were spotted out AGAIN, Styles' ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift isn't all-too-happy.

A source told Wetpaint that Styles and Swift were supposed to make plans the last time he came to LA, but flaked. Taylor apparently "doesn't get why Harry would pick Kendall over her, especially because he's always made fun of the Kardashians."

Watch out now, Swift. I don't think the Kardashians are a clan you want to mess with. Especially now that they have Kanye on their team.

Here's the thing -- the Kardashians are a social media powerhouse and a family who stands together through anything (nasty rumors and separations, included). Granted, Taylor Swift has a LOT of fans who can surely raise hell, but there are a whole SLEW of Kardashians and only one Taylor. If this girl wants to poke fun at Kendall, then she'll have a momager and three older sisters to answer to. Plus, who knows, if Taylor were to ever publicly acknowledge the situation, Kanye may just show up to an awards show and freak out again. I can see it now ... "Kendall is the best dater of ALL TIME."

... or something like that.

Also, can I just note that it's so obvious that Harry is into tall lanky women? I mean, Kendall and Swift are both monstrously tall and skinnier than a pencil (essentially). I'm on to you, Styles.

Do you think Taylor really cares whom Harry is dating? Do you think it's Kendall's fault?


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nonmember avatar Joe

So obviously BS.

Media will never stop dragging this Harry-Taylor thing because 1 Direction is the hottest boyband at the moment with crazy invested young teen fans with internet connection. Those stories will be made up until they start to fade and its not profitable anymore.

I am sure Taylor is over all this small PR mess relationship .

Another thing what annoys me is how the media always wants to portray girls desperate and clingy/crazy after the breakup. They get another date then they are obviously trying to forget the ex. But when a guy goes out after the breakuo he is moving on. What kind of ridiculous sexism.

nonmember avatar PLEASE


nonmember avatar truth

Get a life, because your delusional if you believe one word of this fantasy tabloid gossip. Every one involved in this has issued statements its totally fabricated gossip!

nonmember avatar Blaine

This is total Nonsense. Taylor dated the boy bander for a couple of months almost a year ago! And SHE broke up with HIM! As if she cares who he dates now!
Gossip Cop--a site that specializes in tracking the truth in silly stories like this--says the story is all lies. Think about it--would an international superstar like Taylor Swift care one bit if the 1-D boy bander dates a baby Kardashian/Jenner? Sorry, but the Jenner girl is only notable for being the junior member of a reality TV show.
I'm sure the Kardashians, especially momager, LOVE having Kendall's name in a story with Taylor Swift. And to try and plant the idea that the two are competitors! Woo-hoo.The Kardashians wish. But sorry. The story is fiction. And according to Gossip Cop--Kendall and Harry haven't even hooked up! Ha!

hopea... hopealways4019

Wow she looks just like kim, beautiful. But taylor aint sweating them. Kendell just like a ferris wheel the Kardashians, everyone wants to ride, then hop off, on to the next ride.

nonmember avatar Nat

This article is completely anti-Taylor. What the hell are you doing pitting people against each other. You make me sick. For one, Taylor Swift is over Harry. Other websites such as gossipcop have already debunked this myth. And what is more, I know Taylor Swift has probably more power than the Kardashians right now in her career, but do you really think this is a battle. Taylor doesn't care. She has moved on. So stop bringing up stupid things, as I believe many viewers are getting sick of it.

nonmember avatar Lindy

We have these young adults trying to make it in the world, and all we care about is who they are dating? Why don't we care about how many records they have sold, how good they have become so fast? Or how they are brilliant while trying to take on the family business? Obviously even if she wants too, Kendell Jenner will never be able to get out or her families limelight or shadow, so why wouold we sit here and insult her? You don't choose who you were born to. As for Taylor, she's young, hot, and wants to have fun. Let her be her AGE for crying out loud. Let her date all of her frogs until she finds that prince. Isn't that what "normal" girls her age do? Yes, I do see sexism in your blog. "Do you think it's Kendells fault?" That had to be the MOST ridiculous item in this story. As I don't believe you meant much harm to this story, I do believe that you just contributed to sexism at it's best. This article is fully searchable on "google," as it is where I found it. Think of how many young girls will search this article and read this. Will they think that this is all that's important? I hope not, we should really stand to empower women. Aren't you a smart and driven woman yourself? Wouldn't you understand that? No, I don't blame you, but I blame your carelessness and ignorance. Stop being so naive and let's give these young women a stepping stone and talk about their brilliance. Not some young guy.

nonmember avatar SMDH

Ya'll do gossip just to gossip!

nonmember avatar Lindy

How could you allow comments on here like the one referring to Jenner as a wheel to just "ride." That's ridiculous, your web name is "Café MOM." No worthy mom would every ALLOW THAT about a child. You just lost a faithful reader. Shame

A.J.s... A.J.s_mommy

Kendall looks so much like Kim.

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