Kate Middleton's Celebrity Crush Has Her Giggling Like a School Girl

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Kate Middleton A thoughtful tribute to the late, great Nelson Mandela, the biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, premiered in London last night, and the shiniest stars in the firmament of celebrity were there to celebrate. This includes none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Our lady Kate was wearing a chic white dress and a reasonably priced (though now totally sold out) necklace from Zara. She was also wearing a brilliant, if slightly dorky, grin on her face (JOURNALISM). What had Kate all agog? Why, easy access to one of Hollywood's sexiest men. We'd have a hard time staying so composed too -- and we are far from royal, though we do enjoy speaking of ourselves in the first personal plural. 

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That's right, it was none other than my secret lover (so secret he doesn't even know about it), the actor Idris Elba. We don't know what he had to say that tickled his royal admirer, but Elba, who stars in the film's titular role, definitely impressed. And how could he not? Have you seen him? The grin on her face is amazing. The duo made such a handsome couple that I maybe had some thoughts involving the words "infidelity" and "William" and "TOTALLY WORTH IT."

Kate Middleton and Idris Elba

It's nice to see that even though she dons a tiara from time to time (something, in my humble estimation, she should do far more often -- I tire of only seeing drunk brides-to-be doing this at their bachelorette parties), Kate's still just an average girl at heart with celebrity crushes like the rest of us. Even so, this particular crush is just further proof of the princess's exceptional taste. Side note: Also I wish she had squeezed his arm while they spoke and that a photo existed of that. Instead I will pretend. And pretending is almost as good. 

What star would you totally lose your cool in front of? For me, it's David Bowie. No joke. I would WEEP. 


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Lilit... Lilith.23

Bruce Willis, all the way. I'd weep too, he's been my secret lover on my lonely nights as a teen ;)

oh and James Franco, daamn I tackle a kiss on his perfect face!

foxyj... foxyjean03

Can you blame her!!!!  She has great taste.....

Rubys... RubysMommy

Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio. For me. Also idris is very nice looking, anyone see the Big C on show time? Laura linney was lucky. Lol

Babujai Babujai

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Roman... RomansMommy2011

Jesse Spencer.and Shemar Moore. Yummy yummy.

qslaqhay qslaqhay

Omg looooooove her dressssssssss

nonmember avatar daytrippin34

Mine was when I met Bret Michaels...my pic is Seriously him holding me up.

adamat34 adamat34

Whod have.guessed! Bruce willis.definitely...nathan fillion...call me a.nerd oh well...and.jon Hamm yummy...we all have then....yes we are red blooded humans

nonmember avatar BK

Lenny Kravitz.

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