My 5 Least Favorite Things About 'The Sound of Music Live!'

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carrie underwoodRemember that high school production of The Sound of Music you saw like 25 years ago? The one where you started squirming in your seat about a quarter of a way through the first act, grimacing at the way that tall kid from algebra class sang like a tone-deaf robot and wondering what the hell kind of accent the girl playing Maria was going for, exactly (Austrian? British? Maybe even Jamaican!)? 

Well, it pains me to say this, but that two-bit amateur play was better than The Sound of Music Live! on NBC. It pains me to say this, too, but Carrie Underwood might just be a way, way worse actress than that teenaged Maria with the fake Jamaican accent. And as for that tone-deaf robot ...

To be fair, Stephen Moyer isn't tone-deaf. And while he's not exactly a robot, he's no Captain Von Trapp either. I'm not sure who he was trying to be, honestly: Bill from that Victorian-era episode of True Blood? Okay, okay -- obviously, nobody could ever live up to Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, but, um, here's an idea: How 'bout don't even try?! 

Unfortunately -- or fortunately if you like to laugh at other people's awkward career missteps -- NBC did try. They went ahead and tried to live up to one of the most iconic films of all time. And you know what happened? Bad things. Such as: 

1. Every word Carrie Underwood spoke. NO exaggeration. And that costume?? Julie Andrews never looked like an Austrian Barbie doll.

2. The kids. Every last one of 'em. Are you telling me out of all the gazillions of child actors who tried out for this gig, these were the most charming of the bunch?!

3. No puppets?! Look. If you're gonna do the yodeling song, you gotta do it with the creepy goat puppets. Or if you're not gonna do the creepy goat puppets, maybe do anything EXCEPT turn the scene into some uncomfortable version of blindfolded tag called "Run Away From the Pedophile."

4. The Nazi nightclub scene. Were the producers worried that, despite all the Heil Hitler-ing, audiences might not pick up on the whole World War II situation? Or were they maybe trying to appeal to fans of Pink Floyd's The Wall

5. The credits. Sure, people love behind-the-scenes clips, and it is comforting to see Carrie Underwood without that weird strudel hairdo, but seeing all the stars dancing around in their mall fashions really went and sucked every last drop of authentic Austrian-ishness out of this ill-advised remake like wiener out of a schnitzel -- and pumped it full of pure American pop culture.

When the dog bites/When the bee stings/When I watch this show ...

What did you think about The Sound of Music Live!?

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MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

I thought it was pretty good. Not bad, not great. But, #5, who the hell is Christina Underwood??

linzemae linzemae

I watched about a minute of it. While I think carrie has an amazing voice this wasnt a good fit for her voice. She sounded nasally. The acting wasnt the best either

nonmember avatar Jjokay

Carrie Underwood definitely has the vocals... But the acting should be left to the professionals.

nonmember avatar Georgia

This was a live performance of the stage version, not the movie. Therefore no puppets. I agree with most everything else said though. And I must say Audra McDonald killed it

nonmember avatar 'Twas poo

It blew goats.

there... theresaphilly

She is no Andrews, but it was OK. Christina Underwood ... Is that Carrie Underwood's real name, I am confused? Carrie stick to the singing

Yvette Jarvis

If only Audra McDonald could have sung all the songs.Yikes,Krikey

nonmember avatar momofthree

i watched ten minutes of it, then i got so irritated by the poor acting that i changed the channel. the original was an awesome movie and did not need a re-make.

mamma... mammadeeder

I enjoyed it. But, I didn't compare it to the movie version from many years ago,... While nothing about it was perfect, I thought it was far better than a "two bit amateur play".

poshkat poshkat

I was waiting for vampire bill to say sookkkaaayyyy. Dh waited for him to bite carrie Underwood and say, "you are mine". It was bad. Just bad, but this was not a remake of the movie. This was based on the original Broadway play.

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