Mark Wahlberg Says His Mom Is Not Speaking to Him Right Now

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Oh noes! I hate hearing about rifts between parents and children. I mean, we complain about them when they’re little sometimes, or at least about the constant demand they are on our energy and attention, but we love our kids.

It’s hard to imagine them growing up, only for us not to have anything to do with them. But it seems like that’s what happened for Mark Wahlberg. On an appearance with Live! with Kelly and Michael this week, the A-list actor and former underwear model told the hosts, “My mom’s not speaking to me right now.”

He continued, “It’s been like that from day one,” but did not elaborate on what day one meant. In fact, he didn’t give any other details, but did seem uncomfortable with having revealed even that much.

Kelly Ripa, bless her heart, tried to overcome the awkwardness by explaining, “The mother always likes the one who’s doing least well the most.”

Wahlberg bit back, “Oh that’s it, I gotta do that.”

Does this mean that Mother Wahlberg doesn’t even have a relationship with her four grandchildren that call her son dad? Mark and his wife Rhea Durham have four kids together -- Ella Rae (10), Michael Robert (7), Brendan Joseph (5), and Grace Margaret (3).

My mom is so crazy about my kids, I’m pretty sure she’d put up with me even if she hated me (she doesn’t) to get to them. I can’t imagine a world in which my mom didn’t speak to me -- no matter what the reason.

Whatever happened there, I hope that it gets patched up somehow. It sucks when close family members can’t even be civil to each other.

How often do you talk to your mom?


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Nelli... NellieAthome

Not all family wants to be close.

While my mother lived with me until her death I spoke to my father infrequently starting with the divorce when I was 12. There were often years between conversations and one great gap of 28 years. His choice and truthfully I did not miss him at all.

My husband speaks to his mom, who lives in town, twice a year if that because she spends every conversation running him down and complaining because he isn't like his brother. Of course the brother also doesn't call because he got tired of being compared unfavorably  to my husband. Their mother is a bitter, nasty toxic woman who alienated her sons and has no right to expect anything from them at all.

Blood does not mean one has to associate with toxic people. We need to stop trying to shame people who do not have a close relationship with their parents or their children. People have no idea why they are estranged and no right to try and judge the situation as one that needs to be changed.

wamom223 wamom223

I have a really rough relationship with my mom.  I have forgiven her for the past and try my best to have a healthy relationship with her and step back when I need a break.  Even when things are rough I don't believe I have any right to stand in the way of my mom's relationship with her grandson.  She has questionable decision skills so she gets a lot of instructions and she knows if I think she has made a decision that would put my son in jeopardy she would never get to have him alone again.  I feel bad that in a way my mom fears me, but at the same time it makes her think about things harder when she has him and she will call if she questions anything.  I have told her she is lucky I am even giving her a chance to mess up with having him alone but worse case scenario she would just only see him when I took him over there.

nonmember avatar sandy

I feel sorry for Mark. I am extremely fortunate, in that I speak with my mother every morning by phone; our bond is strong and lovely, which does not mean that we don't sometimes argue vehemently or even always like each other. But for some reason, our connection overrides everything, and we bounce back fairly quickly to really enjoying and loving each other. On the other hand, I have chosen to pull away from my brother: he has been cruelly sarcastic and judgmental toward me one too many times, and I am not interested in being around that kind of energy. My only regret is that my mother is sad about the rift with my brother: In the past, when he and I have fought, I would make an overture, primarily to appease my mother. Not this time, however, and my mother is left to hope and pray that I find a way to forgive my brother. I will, because I am working my way toward that mentally and spiritually; but this time I am doing it authentically, and not for my mother. Bottom line? Family dynamics can be amazingly complex, and time will either embed or dispel estrangements.

poshkat poshkat

Just because you're family doesn't mean you talk.

nonmember avatar Steph

I can completely understand where he is coming from, because my mother & two of my sisters are not talking to me.

nonmember avatar Morekidsplease

This makes me sad. Not that they aren't speaking, everyone has little spats now and then, but that it is most likely being blown out of proportion!
Donnie (and the other W kids) have said time and time again that Mark is the favorite. Alma is my neighbor and is always talking about her kids; she's on the phone with them all the time. She has a fine relationship with her grandkids and Mark was just at her house 3 or 4 weeks ago.
They are probably just having a little tiff and he realized that he probably shouldn't air dirty family laundry on TV.
They are also currently filming a reality show together. They will see each other, talk and be just fine soon!

Rosas... RosasMummy

I am so lucky that I have such a close and strong relationship with both my parents. we live across the road from them, I can see if they're home by just looking out the kitchen window and I love it that way. my daughter is 3 and my bond with her is crazily strong, I only hope it stays that way.

T.M. T.M.

I don't. She is very self-absorbed. Unless you are bowing down to her every whim you are not included in her life. It's sad and I've hurt and I've cried over it all, but I've come to learn that I'll never have that mother-daughter relationship I've craved for over the last forty years. Instead, I focus on the loving relationships I do have in my life.

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