Kate Gosselin's Looking For Love & A Hefty Paycheck

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Kate Gosselin Dating is no easy feat. The last time I went on a date, it was 1992. I was 9 years old. I wore a Garfield T-shirt. He never called me back. As a single and childless person, it's still an exceptionally challenging thing. I can't imagine what it's like for a woman with eight children from her previous relationship -- did we mention said woman is also in the midst of suing her ex? 

I'm talking (of course) about Kate Gosselin. Part of me feels intense empathy when I hear reports the likes of which are circulating now. They say that the 38-year-old mom is lonely and, after her last relationship, is more than ready to move on to something new. But then there's the rest of me -- and that part thinks there's more to this than a simple case of a lonely heart searching for its missing piece.

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Kate, according to her very talkative friends, is eager to hook herself up with an eligible guy. But being who she is, she has, of course, an exacting list of standards that her potential Mr. Right must meet. They include a steady income, a passion for kids, and the list even includes a height requirement.

But I think there's more to this than meets the eye. Kate could have started quietly going out on dates, having friends set her up with potential matches. She didn't need this news parroted about town. It makes me think that after a tough year, including a lawsuit against her ex Jon Gosselin and a failed book launch, she's trying to get back into the television game. After all, what could make her sound more appealing to T.V. folks than adding a Bachelorette-style angle to the whole deal? It sounds to me like someone has her eye on a new T.V. show.

Do you think Kate's really looking for love or just another job?


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nonmember avatar Sara

Probably both. I haven't watched the bachelorette in years but if Kate is selected as the next one I might try to catch it.

Joanna Williams

I don't like her ex, but she nagged him todeath and rediculed him and chasstised him like a child. no man would be crazy enough to live with that, espescially one who's gonna be there totake care of her and her eight kids. I would love to meet the man who would take that plunge.

nonmember avatar GiveMeABreak

Everything Kate does is about money. Now she wants to subject the kids to a dating show? Kids must be totally embarrassed having her for a mother. She's always tying to act like they're still 2 years old, let them spend whats left of their childhood in peace. The sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard, she's talentless and an abuser. After she filed those bogus lawsuits and dropped both of them who would want to take her on for ANYTHING? Sue crazy, loser lady.

nonmember avatar Linsey

ANY man Kate dates will have to have a wallet as tall as her.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

funny how quickly The Stir went from employing her to mocking her....

Optim... Optimist34

How humiliating for a mother of 8 to put herself out to the silly nonsense that the Bachelor/Bachelorette are famous for.   Most of the show feature younger candidates.   I think that a show with older candidates would just yield a lot of misfits divorced multiple times with lots and lots of baggage.  Let's face it they are divorced for a reason.   For Kate to give sign up even if she stayed only a week or two as one or many women or for months as the bachelorette would be cruel to her kids.   They would have to stay with nannies for a long period of time and they are all at an age when they need their mother.   When one gets sick, they all do and for a nanny or two to handle a houseful of children would be cruel to the kids.    Just think of the ridicule, particularly the twins would receive when the show aired.   All children are old enough to navigate the internet and they all know what goes on there with their mother and it isn't pretty.   There is no way that Kate can keep them away from the sites and even if she did, there will be other classmates who will report to them and at their ages, taunting is common.

nonmember avatar mel

I think it's going to be obviously hard to find a mate when you have 8 kids... Are famous for all the wrong reasons...Known as a fridged bitch... she is horribly demanding and unwilling to look at herself. I bet she is lonely. She needs a new man to boss and herd around like cattle! If it airs I might watch though . I'd love to know who would be willing to actually want this woman.


Does she seriously think someone would put up with her kids and her mouth.Why doesn't she do what she was trained for;a nurse! A very noble profession but then she might be a "Nurse Ratchet".

nonmember avatar Marilyn

another job!!

Debbie Homesley

Kate can't accept the fact that the easy money and freebies from being a celebrity are OVER for her....she has been trying to do everything she can to get any kind of TV show since hers was cancelled...NOBODY wants that tune anymore...She needs to think of the kids FIRST for a change and get a steady job with a regular paycheck if she really needs the money...Problem is she thinks she is too good for any kind of job..If she can hold out a couple more years, Mady and Cara will be old enough to work at McDonalds and she can put them to work and let them support her the way they have since they were basically born...So hold on, Kate...Pretty soon your 8 little meal tickets can start supporting you again by asking "want fries with that?" Won't that be a happy day for you???

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