Catherine Giudici Is Setting Herself Up for Disappointment With Sean Lowe


Catherine Giudici

It's no big secret that Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are really, really traditional about their relationship -- but that doesn't mean they have to do everything the way it was done back in the 1960s ... right?

Sure, Sean and Catherine have just started house hunting for a place to live together even though they've been a thing for over a year. And they're waiting until their wedding night to seal the deal -- which is definitely admirable albeit more than a bit old-fashioned.

But wait until you hear the comment that Catherine made on Twitter, which has basically set her up to step right into June Cleaver's shoes.

Check it out:

OMG. Seriously? So she cooked for him. Fine. But what's with the whole "I'm getting ready to be wifed up!" bit?!?

It's like she's basically saying part of the requirement for being a wife is having to put three meals on the table each and every day -- which is so unrealistic by today's standards. (No offense if you cook that often though.)

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And she's really just setting herself up for a real pain in the ass when it comes to marriage because there's a chance Sean will expect her to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen (or something like that).

Don't believe me? Well ... you see that photo above? Yeah, Sean posted it to Instgram back on November 10 with the caption, "Look at this hottie in the kitchen. I'm a lucky man."

See? He digs a woman in the kitchen. BOOM.

And now that Catherine is fulfilling his fantasies before he "wifes her up" -- what do you think his expectations are going to be after they're hitched? (Where's my dinner bit*%??)

Ugh. Maybe she'll get lucky and he'll at least give in to ordering take-out once in a while. If not, the newlywed phase is going to wear off much sooner than either of them expect.

How often do you cook for your man?


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Dania Elisse

enough already!!! will do anything to get lots of comments you are pathetic

nonmember avatar wendy wilson

Lady, calm down i'm not sure who you have for a husband but do not let off your experience on someone else.....not every man is the same. There is actuall some great husbands out there, i have a friend whose husband help her with dinner, on her anniversary, he gave a bath did everything for her. i'm not sure what type of experience you're having stop hating on the couple.

nonmember avatar Nikole

I don't know what you have against these poor people but you need to get a life and stop dwelling and being negative about every move they make.

nonmember avatar Jag

I really think you've gone overboard on your assessment. She is doing what she enjoys & Sean is not expecting it of her, simply saying how lucky he is. Too many people think anything women do in the kitchen is abuse. Some women love to cook & look after their house. Also who says Sean will never cook & clean. And furthermore there are very likely things he does that she doesn't do. Don't be so quick to pick it apart.

nonmember avatar Victorya

Dania and others. Just ignore the writer. She has a negative mind, attitude and character therefore most of her articles are filled with negative. In her life, I guess all her friends or family stay away from her. Meaning no one wants to be her friends and always watch out her comment.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Jealous much!!!

Happy Couple equals misery to those who are lonely.

nonmember avatar Guest

Again, as always Mary Fischer continues her negative remarks of this couple. She should be removed from issuing these articles. Nasty, nasty is best to describe her. Mary doesn't know Sean and Catherine, other than to be nasty in all her comments.

nonmember avatar jade

wow I noticed what someone else said, this poster is just hating on sean and catherine with tons of articles that spin negativity. I cook more than my fiancee, he pays when we go out more stop the presses! smh good grief they seem happy. if you're in love, who cares if you cook EVERY meal! not everyone cooks good grief!

nonmember avatar jes

You are pathetic! Catherine is a foodie and a food blogger. She probably enjoys cooking for him. Your article does not contain any relevant content. Leave the couple alone and get a life. You are one miserable woman

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