Liam Hemsworth Is 'Begging' Miley Cyrus for Another Shot -- What?!

miley cyrusThe minute Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up, the world collectively went, "I knew it." Or "Good for him." Or "Man, that guy dodged a bullet." Or some variation of. We've all watched Miley go from cute to quirky to odd to obnoxious to train-wreck-y real quick, and for whatever reason, we felt concerned for Liam's well-being. How will that man ever get another woman?! Said no one ever.

We all thought it was about time he broke things off with the twerking, tongue-wagging, (alleged) weed-loving pop star, only ... when you think back to the couples' break-up, you don't remember a lot of details about what happened, do you? There was a lot of hearsay, but no definitive "Liam broke up with Miley" story. They were just kind of together one minute, the next he was making out with a hot Mexican actress in Las Vegas. So we assumed he was the dumper.

But what if I told you that Liam was the dumpee? Or even if he wasn't, he's currently "begging" Miley to give things another go? Would you believe me? You should. Because it's on the Internet right now. And you know what that means: There's about a 10% chance it's true. Okay, but still, let's indulge this theory for a minute, shall we?

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According the Daily Mail (who says "according to Us Weekly"), Liam and Miley had a "secret meeting in Novemeber", and are "currently talking like they were when they were together." And it's all because of Liam. Apparently, the actor "still has feelings" for Miley, and the two have been exchanging "flirty texts" non-stop recently. And it's Miley who isn't sure she wants to give the relationship another shot. I know. You feel like you're in bizarro world right now, don't you? I did, too, but then I realized three things: A) It's the Daily Mail, so who knows if it's true?; B) Do I really care if it's true?; and C) It very well could be true, because as cray as we think Miley is, the girl was the dude's fiancee. It can't be easy to just "turn feelings off" for someone you were engaged to be married to, no matter how big a yahoo she is.

So maybe we will see a Hemsworth-Cyrus reunion some time in the future, guys? Stranger things have happened. But they're typically when Miley is on stage and there's a giant image of a cat lip-syncing behind her.

Good luck, you guys. And whatever you decide to do, don't worry, the world will be here to comment on it.

Would you like to see Miley and Liam get back together?


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Frankly I remember him trying to  hide in the back seat of a car with January Jones around Feb. So she may have very well dumped him. Who knows.

adamat34 adamat34

I.dont buy it.given.his family.wanted leave her druggy ass.

Gossip gossip gossip

nonmember avatar Mary

Honestly, she saved-or tried to save-his ass by covering up his cheating.

nonmember avatar zea mae

ilove them both! i wanna see them back together <3

nonmember avatar Kyleigh

Miley is crazy and srupid....fakin a pregnancey to get fans attention.....seriously.... Liam deserves someone whose got their head on strait. Ya she's beautifle but he can def find someone so much better for him.

maman... mamanay041010

Why do people assume because they dont like a person the entire world feels the same?? and there were tons of rumors of him cheating..the one thing WOMEN do is harshly judge each other.. they were together for years and he broke off an engagement..secobdly she is an entertainer its a facade..get real.. people call her trashy names.. but if you pay attention shes only been stuck on liam..iand she didnt fake a was gossip and she made a joke about what her babies name would be.. whenever two celebrities are seen together people assume they are having sex.. so when she was working on.her album people assumed every guys she was seen with was her "man" when it was actually work.. like i dont know what these two should do because i dont know what the dybamics of their situation are.. i just dont get the need to hate someone who has literally not altered your life at what are you gaining from it

nonmember avatar fish

There are a couple reasons I think is a load of crap. Headline Liam begging. We all know about their long releationship and Iam sure there is still love there but given everything and everyone Miley has done just before and after the annouced break-up I would think Liam would want to stay as far away from her as possiable. No man could ever get back in a physical releationship after seeing how and what she has done. Liam owned up to the las vegas fling and has always acted like a true class act. Stay away liam . Iam sure there is more to her trainwreck coming. (

Nickl... NicklPicklesMom

I would hide myself if I dated that thing too. I don't believe this crap.

Maggie Edwards

He loves her. . . his family is against it. . .everyone is against it but he loves her. . . he keeps dating women that transform themselves into looking like her. . and at the end of the day- with all the crazy - she is really young and does stupid things but she is not mean and is a very sweet person and that is what he loves about her.  Not the act. . . 

nonmember avatar Jayme

Um no he's a Douche Bag! She's BLOWN UP, she's sexy and pretty much one of the hottest things on the planet right now...and he's a chump!

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