Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Romantic Reunion Is Being Put on Hold

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kristen stewart robert pattinsonOkay, so you want the real story about how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spent their Thanksgiving? Well, despite reports that Kristen was left in tears on Black Friday (likely due to family drama ... or the fact that she missed out on an awesome sale!?), holiday time with her on-again, off-again flame was apparently warm, cozy, and a twinge bittersweet.

A friend of the actress tells, “Kristen was the star chef on Thanksgiving and had a blast with Rob gobbling up all her food. They spent the holiday at her place in Los Feliz along with a few of her closest friends. It was very intimate and sweet.” Aww! Sounds perfect. Oh, wait, and it gets even cuter ... After lighting some candles and setting the mood with music, the friends all went around saying what they were thankful for. "Kristen said her family and friends and Rob joked and said 'Kristen and her cooking, of course.'" What a mush!

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But obviously, Robsten's majorly romantic moment couldn't last. According to the blabbermouth insider, "Kristen won’t see Rob for a while now — he will spend the Christmas holidays with his family and then start filming Queen of the Desert." Somehow this busybody also knows whether or not the two are going to hook up across the pond! The source shares, "I am sure if Kristen was invited to join Rob in London she would gladly go but there was no invitation. At first, she was upset he was leaving the country for the rest of the holidays, but she’s trying to stay positive. She’s got a ton of really supportive friends she can lean on. There’s no set date yet on when Rob and Kristen will see each other again.” Womp womp.

Well, the good news is that they're pros whose relationship has been faced with a lot bigger challenges than a few weeks and air miles. Being apart while making things work long-distance is old hat for them now, right? Sure, it may be particularly difficult for KStew this time 'round, as it's unclear whether they're in it for the long-haul (or just hooking up?), but eh, if it is meant to be, it will. And if details of their "intimate" Turkey Day are true, it sounds like these two are pretty determined to keep their love alive, regardless of how many miles are between 'em or times they break up!

Do you think Kristen and Rob can make it work despite being apart over the holidays?


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Kelly Renee Smith

seriously?? They aren't even together anymore. Might be nice for people to let them both move on....

Jeri Moran

Don't worry about Kristen being alone. She will hook up with some male around her and have company for the holidays. The girl always has a backup guy around.

Julie Mosbrooker

Yes I think they can make it work if people leave them alone especially the press! Good luck guys and happy holidays

nonmember avatar Kelly

Best Wishes to Kristen and Robert and may everyone leave them alone. Their relationship is their business and not ours. Stop the hating!

nonmember avatar serena

who cares so tire of hearing about them on again off again!!!

nonmember avatar Judy

Often Kristen is photographed showing a long necklace. She continues to wear it, although with a heavier chain. Is the same jewelry that RB supposedly gave her before the first split. Does anyone know?

Alice Ningasca

Whatever matters about their persomal issue, it's none of our damn business!!! What's  best is leave that matter for them!!! Specially Kristine, she's such a lovely thing  and a good, wholesome  personality to us! Humble!!! millions of supporters love and liked her... it doesn't matter whoever she has as  lover or whatever she has, Kristen is  precious to us,,,, her fans and supporters!!! We love u KriStew no matter what!!! Go Go Goooo.... :)

nonmember avatar Daisy

It is a charming tail but I don't believe it. I am going to be watching Rob to see who he hooks up with over there. I'm sure his family will shove lots of charming girls in his face. The tabs just want us to come back to their posts to see if we will fall for another get together of theirs. Why would only Kristens friends be there. Are his to snooty. He doesn't want to be seen with her. When my sister was about nineteen her boyfriend asked her to marry him gave her a ring and everything. But he told her that she should not wear it in front of either of our families. She said fine she took it off and handed it back to him. He went to work up in Salinas and She went off to college.They were apart for a year. When she came home for the summer he called her to see how she was. They started dating again and they got married in January of the next year. Now I'm not saying that this is what will happen with Rob and Kris, but my sister was right to give the ring back. If John did not love her enough to be proud of their engagement, then he could stuff it in his ear. Rob does not love her if he doesn't want to be with her. I'm a fan of both but in this case I'm on Kristens side. Yes she made a mistake a very bad mistake. but she isn't holding any of his hookups against him. I think at this point it's best that they are apart. If he wants here he has her number and he knows where she is, at least for now.

Sandra Kay Dunaway

I think it can work if everyone will stay out of it  and quit meddling in their life together  If its meant to be it will.

Katie Rahner

Yes I believe if they really want to make it work. They will stick it out,


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