Paul Walker Remembered for Amazing Anonymous Gift to Military Couple

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I don't have anything against Paul Walker. I think he was a handsome man who made a few films that a lot of people really liked. He seemed like a fine gentleman and good dad, based on some of the accounts I've read from his friends and family members. But I'll admit to being very surprised that the story of his death has lasted this long and has spurred additional tales about friends of his who are having a difficult time coping and restaurants that are reportedly exploiting the young actor. 

And then I read something today about Paul that made me grateful that he is getting all of this attention. The Fast & Furious star didn't just support military families -- he went out of his way to make one military couple's nuptials even more memorable

According to a sales associate at a high-end jeweler in California, Paul was browsing in the store more than 10 years ago when he overheard a soldier and his fiance discussing a potential engagement ring that she really loved. The ring cost $10,000, which the couple could not afford. Paul spoke discreetly with a store manager and asked that the expensive ring be charged to him -- but that the store's employees promise not to reveal to anyone that he had paid for it. 

The soldier, who had completed his first tour of duty in Iraq and was scheduled to return after his brief trip back to the states, never found out that it was Paul who had so generously paid for the ring he gave his bride-to-be. The store's employees kept his secret, which has only been revealed since the actor's unexpected death.

What a sweet story. We seldom hear about celebrities who display such kindness and prefer that their actions not be broadcast to the entire world. If he was capable of doing something like this and remaining humble about it, I am almost certain his friends and family are privy to tons of other examples of how Paul touched the lives of others. I still don't know a whole lot about him, but it's inspiring to hear the stories that are slowly being revealed about the actor.

Are you surprised to hear that Paul Walker gave this military couple such an extraordinary gift?


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Elaine Cox

um..lisa....he was banging 16 year olds at 40

Denise Yates

Um elaine do some reading.

nonmember avatar ARMYWIFE

Not surprised at all, he seemed to have a very genuine, down to earth vibe about him. With all the charity work he did this does not surprise me. May he rest in peace.

starr... starreyedcutie

Nope not surprised at all. He was a great guy and went outdoing something he loved :-)

Vicki Hoskins

What a wonderful thing he did I love to watch him act an Im going to miss him an his movies its a great loss.My thoughts go out to his family an the family of the man that was with him.

spark... sparky1006

it isn't surprizing.....he seemed as though a thoughtful person. a strong man,he had fellings to.I admire such a kind person to do this for this military husband to be,an ahappy bride to be

reccaroo reccaroo

Not only was he good looking he was a good actor. His movies were favorites for my daughter, my grandson and myself. We always went together when they came out. Actually we'd go several times. Fun for all of us.

Maha Raja

While that is a sweet story and a wonderful gesture, why the heck would you guilt your man into getting you a $10,000 ring?? Service members don't make Sh*^+ as it is!! If you are really interested in a future together save that $ and use it as a down payment on a house. I hate materialistic people. My ring was 1/10 of that price, but it doesn't mean my DH loves me any less.

Jessica Burk

@ Maha How do you know she guilted him? I have had conversations with my husband and expressed how much I liked something that I knew we couldn't afford. Way to ASSume. I hate people who jump to conclusions. Way to take a sweet story and turn it into a bitchfest.

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