Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card Cost More Than Most People Make in a Year

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kim kardashian christmas cardThe Kardashians have to do things big. It's just how it works. Flashy. Showy. Fancy. Sparkly. Nori. Oh wait, that last one is just Kim's baby's nickname. And I love them for it. They show all of us have-nots what it's like to have, therefore to dream. And I dream ... in Kardashian. Because, well, why not? It's a thrill to fantasize about the rich and famous. And the rich and famous need to have the most over-the-top and talked about Christmas cards, of course. And so that's why you get the incredible David LaChapelle to photograph it! A theme was created! A set was built! Hair and makeup and wardrobe from the best of the best ... and voila! What we have is a family Christmas photo unlike any other in the world.

And the cost of it is also unlike any other family photo in the world. The cost might actually make you shed some holiday tears of the depressed variety.

The cost ... $250,000.

kardashian 2013 christmas card

Wow. $250,000! That's more than most people make in a year. You could buy a house with that money. Maybe even two depending on location. Send a couple of kids to college. Buy 35 of the same kind of used car I own. But don't worry. Not a dime came out of the Kardashian bank account because the production company for Keeping Up With the Kardashians paid for everything. Merry Christmas to them!!

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I'm all about taking gorgeous photos solely for posterity's sake. Years from now Kim can look back on this photo and think ... wow, that's what I looked like the Christmas right after I had my first baby. Kris could say ... this is my happy "I swear I'm not having sex with Ben Flajnik" face. Khloe can say ... oh you get the idea. I'm not going to hate on them for having the showiest, most outlandishly amazing Christmas card ever. I'm just going to kind of sit here with my Instagram Christmas card photo that I took last night of my kids under the tree and think ... hey I mastered that for free and feel thrifty. Of course if some production company wanted to hire LaChapelle to build a set and photograph me with my family and my ex in some kind of weird booth, I wouldn't say no.

Happy Holiday$!

What do you think of the cost of the Kardashian Christmas card?


Images via E!/David LaChapelle/The Kardashians

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Coles... Coles_mom

A fool and their money are soon parted.

nonmember avatar Alexandra

I didn't notice if the little babies are in them.

I hope so, I think it's nice when a whole family can get together and do this.

fave82 fave82

im betting 150,000 of that was used on Photoshop.

adamat34 adamat34

Wonder if thet ever thought of all tge homeless shelters who could use that money this Christmas...all the kids who would go without a santa gift..or a meal. This is why these fucktards make me ill.

nonmember avatar Sue

Typical self-egotistic family !!

No one cares about this stupid Christmas Card from this crazy family !

Boycott the Kardashian's !!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Alexandra

It's their money. (or the producers) However NOBODY should tell anyone what to spend their money on.

People have the right to spend or not on anything without someone else chiming in.It's nice whne ANYONE donates to a charity but to watch someone else's puse is wrong.

casti... castinghub

It's very different

Windy Clark White

Horrendous. Leave it to Kanya to come in F up the family photo they have been doing for 23 yrs! And he's not even in it! My favorite part is no kids!! Hum.... Christmas w/ no kids. Basically Kanya doesn't want his kid in it so let's leave em all out. Kim and Kanya are asses. Please make this family go away! Oh and $250k for this piece of garbage. Boy they saw you coming. Get your money back!!

nonmember avatar Barbara Craig

I think it is awful. The money it cost could have helped feed thousands of less fortunate. The pic last year was a family Christmas photo this wad just a hot mess.

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