Xbox Experience is a Family Entertainment Center!

You might have an Xbox 360.  But do you have the new Xbox Experience?  If you haven't checked out the new operating system for Xbox 360, you should look into it because it's a one-stop family entertainment center.

There are tons of new features but here are a few of the goodies:

You can your play with other gamers all over the world. My teen daughter and my husband were playing HALO the other night with some people from Japan and Mexico.

There are parental controls and safety features. My husband and my kids have been dying to get the upgrade but I wouldn't let them.  After doing some research on the parental controls, they wore me down and I gave in.

Cool avatars and photo sharing. All players have their own avatars, for multi-player online games and you can share photos via the Xbox Live Photo Party.

Movies and TV shows. You can instantly download Netflix movies and TV shows, directly to your Xbox.


Netflix Movies
I'm pretty bad at video games, unlike the rest of my family. I love the new Xbox Experience because I can download movies and TV shows when I want them and it doesn't cost a fortune. Can you say heaven?

I was skeptical using the Netflix-Xbox download but the movies loaded fast and it was very easy to use. We had to get an adapter, which was $99.00 and you can buy it on the Xbox website.

We're so happy with our new set-up, we've slashed our cable TV service to the bare minimum and we're using our Xbox for on demand movies and TV shows. 

Have you tried the new Xbox Experience? If so, what do you think? Does this look like something your family would like?


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