[UPDATED] Kim & Kanye's Wedding Plans Are Even More Over-the-Top Than We Imagined

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kim kardashian kanye westUPDATE: Kim's rep tells E! News the Us Weekly report that Kimye will be saying "I do" at Versailles is "absolutely false. ... They haven't even decided on a location yet." The couple haven't decided on a date or a wedding planner either, but another source says either way, their Big Day is "going to be huge. It's going to be the size of the capital."

Can you believe Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries imploded just two years ago?! Given how their extravagant, $10 million wedding became an absolute CIRCUS, which it seemed Kim really regretted at one point, you'd think her upcoming "I do"s to Kanye West would be a modest, low-key, VIP-only affair, right? WRONG, reports Us Weekly. Actually, Kimye are apparently planning a full-on, grandiose, over-the-top, no-expense-spared spectacle ... at, get this, the Palace of VERSAILLES! HA! I swear, this isn't according to The Onion or SNL, either, but it sounds like it could be, right?

Apparently, the perpetually fame-seeking pair have "set their sights" on the former home of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette as the site for their upcoming nuptials. Because, where else?!

A source explains, "Kanye has never been married and wants a big [wedding]." And another insider notes, "They are not working with a budget."

Well, uh, duh, they certainly have enough money to spend like wild on their Big Day, and I can understand why Kanye would want to, because it's true, this is his first wedding ... But still, Versailles?!?! Ugh. Just when you thought the guy couldn't be even more of a delusional megalomaniac ... Seriously, that's all this is about -- Yeezy thinking he deserves a wedding fit for a king.

Shocking? Surprising? Of course not. We should all be slapping ourselves on the foreheads for being so silly! As crazy as these megalomaniacal wedding plans sound, it's even more insane that we thought these two could ever wrap their heads around the idea of a low-profile wedding day!

What's your reaction to Kimye considering Versailles as their venue?

Image via FAMAPRESS/CINELUX/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Hmh

Her rep already denied this.

Pamela Brown Lewis

You could save a village, build a school, dig wells for those without clean drinking water, or......you can spend it all on yourself and an over-the-top wedding. They disgust me.

adamat34 adamat34

Shes garbage...three marriages one illegitimate biracial child before she was divorced hopefully they run her ass out on a rail....disgusting whore

nonmember avatar sandy

My reaction? Blech! Gross, disgusting, obnoxious... Just when I think I am making headway in my resolution to judge less, something like this shows up. And I doubt that Kim suggested the idea: This has Kanye written all over it. I believe that K and K love each other, truly and deeply, but I also think that love does not alleviate all troubles in a relationship: Will Kim really be happy living in grandiose opulence, and partnering with someone who wants/needs to be and do the biggest, showiest thing every, single time? Where are her values in all of this? Can she articulate her values and desires? My only consolation is that I can not imagine that French officials would ever sanction such a use of Versailles. I have been there, and it is much too preciously historical to be associated with the illusion of pop culturites like Kim and Kanye.

Kierr... KierraJanae29

Adamat34 why does it matter that the child is biracial ! Gosh ...

nonmember avatar Cookster

Nothing these 2 clowns do surprises me. Go to France and stay there. Given her track record a quiet ceremony would be nice. But then there is no money in that.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

KierraJanae29 you said what I was thinking!! My son is biracial wtf does the kid being biracial have anything to do with anything? racist ass comment

Laura Palmer

Adamat34 you're a moron...

nonmember avatar jen

ADAMAT34, you sound like trash. Why do you have to throw the biracial comment in there? And for everyone else here calling her trash, if you hate her so bad then why take the time to click on an article about her, read it and write nasty comments. why waste your time?

Erin Belka


Thank you! I agree 100%. I actually like Kim and her sisters, and I listen to Kanye's music. Using Eminem's words we could say that "we're the ones who made them." because seriously everytime someone takes the time to listen to stories or read an article about a celebrity that is how their fame grows and how they get paid. So either put up or shut up. It's not gonna go away anytime soon.

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