Brooks Forester's Shocking Makeover Should Delight Desiree Hartsock (PHOTO)

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Brooks Forester

OMG. I think I might be scarred for life after seeing former Bachelorette front-runner Brooks Forester's new look, which is nothing short of absolutely terrifying.

Yes, I'm talking that Brooks Forester -- the super-sexy dude who left Desiree Hartsock crying her little eyes out on a pier in Antigua because he "just wasn't feelin' her" or some bullsh*& like that.

I'm not sure what exactly is going on with him -- but to say he's had a total transformation in his appearance is the understatement of the year.

Behold, the new Brooks.

Brooks Forester

My eyes! My eyes! Holy Toledo. I thought Chris Siegfried's "Movember" beard was bad -- but Brooks takes the Grizzly Adams thing to an entirely different and hideous level. He doesn't even look like the same person -- and that's definitely not a good thing. At least Chris' beard is still kind of short and doesn't resemble a squirrel's tail. (Just sayin'.)

Huh. Who knew Brooks could make such a mess of himself simply by forgoing the razor?

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I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but Des really dodged a bullet when he cut her loose. Regardless of whether he's simply stretching out the Movember thing for a bit longer or not -- he basically let himself go completely by growing this beast of a beard. (I'm sorry, but it's just awful.)

The scruff he had going on during The Bachelorette was kind of sexy -- but this eyesore simply has to go. And if it doesn't? I'm afraid Brooks might wind up alone for the rest of his life. (Don't tell me you're into the fuzz-face thing.)

Huh. Maybe kicking Des to the curb had more of an effect on him than we thought. Why else would he totally give up on himself? 

Do you think Brooks' beard is attractive? (Why???)


Images via ABC; Twitter

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Marie White

don't like it it's covering up that handsome face

Dawn Wendel

I still don't think he is all that good looking. Des got the best looking one of the two!,

Melanie Glass

I never thought he was all that during the show and this certainly clarifys my thoughts then and now...

Melissa Hood

I think he looked better on the show, although I don't judge people by their appearance, but I still think he lookes better without the beard. The beard................makes him just look awful. 

Carol Cromer

I just think he is trying not to be recognized after what he did on Bachelorette.  And it is working!

Shirley K Whitworth

Nope don't like his new look ! Makes him look at least 20 years older.........

Lorrie Brooks

I think he's going to look awesome once he loses that facial hair the new hairdo shows off his face better and he looks good

nonmember avatar KP

He was not appealing then and looks worse now. I do think he is gay and being on the show was just for publicity. I think the hype bout him was all media....for most normal American women do not think he is attractive and nor is he manly at all

nonmember avatar Jamie

Its obviously just me....I think he still looks sexy! I like guys that look more mature and not so "pretty boy". Love the new do too!!

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