'Shahs of Sunset' Recap: Reza Unleashes

As if Reza Farahan couldn't involve himself in the drama anymore, on last night's Shahs of Sunset, he became the drama. With the spotlight dimming on MJ and shining on him, culture and tolerance became two confused ideals, and we saw a side of him we'd never seen before.

We were introduced to Sasha, Reza's gay neighbor who was invited to his apartment by his boyfriend Adam. Poor Adam thought the two would hit it off great. Little did he know, Reza thought Sasha was rude and offensive given their different perspectives on the Iranian culture. Reza is more traditional and keeps his sexuality to himself, whereas Sasha is more modern and is very open. It turned out their commonalities is what made them so different to begin with.

The situation escalated even further when the crew checked out a gay and Persian club for the night. Surprisingly, it was Mike Shouhed's idea, who wanted Reza to feel comfortable when they go out. Um, have you seen Reza in a club? It doesn't take much for the guy to let loose! But kudos to Mike for the nice thought.

However, Reza's glamorous self was less than impressed with the joint (as Mike raves about it in an interview), and to make matters worse, Sasha showed up. Get out the popcorn!

With passive aggressive greetings, Reza made it clear that he doesn't like Sasha and a conversation about their differences quickly escalated into a screaming match. MJ and Mike's girlfriend Jess attempted to intervene with no success. Offensive words were thrown around, particularly by Reza, and before you knew it, he was out the door, bringing wing girl MJ with him. Mike stayed back to defuse the situation and turned out being the voice of reason. Who would have thought?

I still can't decide if Sasha just wanted his 15 minutes of Bravo fame or if he's here to stay. According to the previews for next week, Reza has some underlying family issues to blame for his outlandish behavior, but I don't think that makes it okay for how he treated Sasha, regardless of how he feels about him. It looks like there's something deeper going on with Reza, hopefully next week we'll see some reasoning to his overreactions.

Does Reza have a right to be offended by Sasha?


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nonmember avatar Team Reza

Honestly, Reza was set up - Bravo wanted and got some hot drama.

First, Sasha was 'half dressed' and sipping a bev in Reza's living room. Too cozy. Flirty.

Then his man comes out with "you're both Persian and gay," reductive at best. Certainly not flattering. It could even be construed as "found me a new, younger model," if someone was feeling insecure. It made it sound like that is a category Adam likes and that Reza is interchangeable within that category.

Then the 'guest' is anything but polite - clearly used to being Queen Bee, and making with the snark. Doesn't matter to him he's spent all day sucking up the guy's alcohol, and is sitting in his home. He treats Reza, his actual host, with zero respect.

At the point Sasha wasn't listening to Reza about the way Iran used to be, and then broke out with "You are ignorant. Learn something about your own country," is when Reza gave up and left the living room. (Wouldn't anyone? Think about it.)

Then the guy continued on to calling Reza fat. I don't think F.O.B. is an equal insult, and I think Reza was trying to say "check yourself; I've been through all you have, don't try to preach," which Sasha *had* been doing.

Sasha wouldn't respect Reza and leave even when asked to.

Sasha was a jerk, and he outed his own brother by talking about his brother and bringing him on set of a *Tv show.*

Team Reza all the way. Also team MJ as the only friend Reza had that day.

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