Robert Pattinson’s 'Drug Scandal' Is All Because of One Suspicious Photo

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Robert PattinsonUh-oh, y'all. Robert Pattison and a packet of white powder were just photographed together at a party. Okay, so Rob wasn't holding the white powdery substance, which just happened to be in a little clear square packet -- but he was near it. In fact, it seemed to be photobombing him. Rob was standing with a pal who posted a photo of himself and RPattz to his Facebook page -- and commenters began noticing that right behind Rob, someone was holding a packet of white powder. Let's just call this powder what it probably is, okay? Let's not mince words here! It was sugar. (Or maybe possibly but probably not cocaine and/or powdered heroin.)

Listen, folks. Rob can't help it if he just happens to be standing there and someone with a packet of god-knows-what just happens to stand behind him. Dang. It's not HIS fault. This is Hollywood, you know.

RadarOnline, which got a hold of the photo (thanks whichever one of Rob's friend's Facebook friends sent that in), says that Rob appears "bleary-eyed" in the photo. Of course he is! He is bleary-eyed from avoiding drug dealers all night!

Oh, and then there was that Star magazine report that Rob was caught going on a "cocaine bender" in the Viper Room. I won't even get into everything else the source said because wahwahwahwah I'm not listening. Let's just say it makes Rob sound worse than John Belushi. Come on, peeps. Not Rob! Not at the Viper Room! After River Phoenix, that would be so cliché.

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I've been to Hollywood parties. If someone passed a mysterious packet of sugarcane behind me while I innocently stood for a photo, I wouldn't want it being held against me. So I'm not holding it against Rob. I don't believe Rob had anything to do with any shenanigans going on at that party! Even if he did steal a friend's Valium to get through his Twilight audition.

Ugh, why am I getting this sick feeling in the stomach that one day we might see Rob on Oprah Winfrey's Next Chapter, telling everyone to get off his back, people, he only did coke a few times?

Do you think Rob needs to move back to England, where no one does drugs?


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nonmember avatar skipper

Where is the picture? I clicked on the link to Radar Online but it wasn't there.

nonmember avatar Selena

There is no scandal, Rob is not a drug user. In the past few months we've seen tons of pics of him coming from the gym, and his trainer says he has a great work ethic, that he's really in a training groove. He's got 3 films to make in the next 9 months, which is why he's been getting in the gym and eating healthy. He just went to London today, so he'll be with his family and friends through the holidays and away from stupid gossip from RadarOnline.

Caryn Burton

And, because I love being the one to point out your absolute lack of actual research or ability, Mr Fanizzi, the gentleman in the photo with Rob, actually heard about this idiocy and, in what I see as a hugely stand up move, made a statement about it, both to Radar Online and The Hollywood Reporter.  He said, in part, "Rob Pattinson is an acquaintance, not my "Friend". We say hi to eachothers since we keep bumping into each others at the same places in LA. I took a picture with him for his resemblance with my classmate in high school. Im not Katy Perry BFF. that night, i talked to Rob, and he was not on drugs or under any sort of substance."  The entire statement can be found on his Facebook page.


Angelina della Mattina

good Lord...people just need to leave this kid alone...he can't take a crap without someone coming up with some ridiculous half baked fictional yarn of this being an attempt to do something with Kristen or Katy or some other female...give it a rest...give him a rest...

Diane Herbert

Yes he should go home for a while to get away the crap that people are writing and get away from Kristen surely he can control his career from London other British stars manage to do this and if he truly wants the privacy he says he wants then there's the answer

nonmember avatar lisa

I just wish people would just leave the man alone.It is just insane how people run there mouth about things.When in reality they do not know what was going on.

Shirley Sorrow

Why print this if you have no idea what you're talking about???  His parents may get wind of it and upset them needlessly.  I don't know how his mother stays sane with all the stuff being said about her only son.  If you don't have proof then DON'T PRINT IT.  Easy enough, but that's not how you make your money is it?   I'm not sure why some of you are bringing up Kristen.  That poor girl gets blamed for everything.  I'm a fan of both Rob & Kristen.  I think they are good together and I would love to see them together again, but that's not my call.  It's theirs if they are ever left alone for 2 seconds to decide what they want to do. 


Aidee Perez

How wierd because if it was Kristen you would tear her apart. But this  I do condemn... just because he was standing there doesn't give you the right to pass judgement on him. He doesn't control other peoples choice and there is no certain proof it was his. Let's pray he is smart and doesn't go there.

Mary Santora

Boy, let say this--Y DONT U GET A REAL JOB? instead of spreading lies all the time what is wrong with u people? dont u have better things 2 do --GET A LIFE ALREADY


Myriam Lorena Morra

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii de hecho ya esta alla no??? lejos de la contaminacion de hollywood amigos es tan dificil para ellos mantenerse lejos de las porquerias por la vida que llevan ojala que entre en eso rezo siempre para que asi sea kiss

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