Robert Pattinson Almost Wasn't Edward Cullen Because of This Actor

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twilight castImagine the Twilight franchise with a totally different guy playing Edward. That's blasphemy to the gazillions of Twihards out there, I know. But it almost happened. Recently, a big star has come forward admitting he turned down the chance because he didn't want to play the super sullen Cullen.

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So the actor who gave up the role of a lifetime? Kellan Lutz. That's right. Kellan Lutz, who went on to play Emmett. According to the actor, he "didn't care" to audition for the part.

"The role just didn't ... I just didn't care to audition because he was a bit moody and emotionally challenged," he said. Lucky for him, he landed another plum part in the movie, which shot all the stars to the A-list. Honestly, that wasn't just the right decision for him, but for fans of the movie as well. Can you imagine Kellan as Edward? He's entirely too beefy and brawny for that cerebral, gentle, conflicted vampire. It, quite honestly, may have ruined the entire movie.

What were producers thinking even considering him for it? That's not to say he isn't a good actor, he is. And I am sure that Kristen Stewart had plenty of chemistry with him. (Who wouldn't? The guy is seriously hot.) But come on. He is a way too lunky guy to pull off that epic love story. Casting him as Edward is akin to picking Katy Perry for Bella. It's just not right.

Do you think Kellan could have pulled off the Edward Cullen role?


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nonmember avatar Kate

No one ever mention how much Robert Pattinson hated being in Twilight. He hates Twilight. Look at his interviews, he's so bitter about it. I would be too though, the Twilight series was awful. Books and films.

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Kellen was not offered the part.  He chose not to audition!  Making something out of nothing.  Rob does not hate. Twilight.  He has said several times he's grateful for the life it afforded him and gave him a career.  He said he want to move on to more adult roles, he's not a kid anymore.  He also stated he would do another Twilight if Stepanie wrote another book.  The whole cast said they would sign up again.  Billy Burke said he would love to do another.  But Stephanie has to write another and she has not ruled that out.

Susan Reeves Kleist

If he thinks it's so awful, maybe he should give back all the millions he made from it

Gwenda Wakely

He is just shooting off his mouth again,seems to be a habit of his.He is having a great time with the fame and money it gave him.

Aidee Perez

I think he would of done even better. He's has great talent...but I did love the chemistry between him and Alice.

evilekat evilekat

Aidee, Emmet was with Rosalie, not Alice. Jasper and Alice were together.

nonmember avatar Eyecandyangel

He didn't even audition for the part. Rob beat out literally thousands of other guys for the part..No one else could play Edward, Rob was the perfect choice as Stephanie describes him in the books. Rob is just beautiful! So sweet and sexy. If it weren't for Rob I wouldn't have ever gotten interested in Twilight to begin with. I love him and I am so glad to see him moving forward with his career. He is still forever remains Eyecandyangel!

nonmember avatar kk

the movie is better w/ Robert patterson, the role suits him great as Edward

nonmember avatar Mic

Rob was a terrible choice. Him and Kristen ruined those movies for me. How can anyone think he is an attractive man!? He was described as godlike in beauty...rob is so far from beautiful. Besides Kellans size, he was definitely more attractive for the role

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