Farrah Abraham's Latest Photo Spread Is Crazy Creepy (VIDEO)

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farrah abraham girls and corpsesRemember back in August when we first heard that Farrah Abraham would be posing with a corpse and we were all, "EW!" and "Ooh!" Because honestly, who's not morbidly curious about what that would look like? Well oh happy day! The Farrah Abraham issue of Girls and Corpses has finally hit newstands, and our favorite teen mom put out a Keek video to announce the happy news and even give us a sneak peek. Which means, phew, now we won't have to be seen looking for the magazine/furtively flipping through the pages to find Farrah like a sick game of Where's Waldo.

In fact, since I've already viewed the video, you can skip even that and I'll give you the gory details. Okay! Yay! This is going to be fun.

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Ugh, now I have to go watch that Farrah video.

Okay, so if you're not viewing with me and just want the most pertinent details, here's what you need to know about this issue:

1. Farrah is not posing with a real corpse, just a corpse doll.

2. It's a doll of an old man a la Grant Wood's American Gothic.

3. She pretends to feed him a banana.

4. She holds two watermelons.

5. In one photo she sits behind the corpse on a bale of hay, her legs draped over his shoulders.

6. It looks like she's wearing a pale pink bikini, but I think it's actually a red and white gingham top.

7. "This heartland issue celebrates the bread casket of America," according to the website.

8. The corpse looks nonplussed.

There, now you know. Farrah says she looks forward to "many more" photo shoots. And you know what? Everyone needs something to look forward to, so good for her. And now I'm going to go wash my eyeballs.

My Thoughts about my @Girls&Corpses photo shoot: ) #Watermelons

Dec 2, 2013| Source: Keek.com

Why do you think people like seeing women posing with corpses -- what's that all about?!?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Keek

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EmilyH87 EmilyH87

The fact that this magazine even exists gives me the creeps.

nonmember avatar alex tribeca

her poor kid. what a nut job.

nonmember avatar mel1919

I like listening to Farrah attempt to pronounce "corpses"...... corpusses??? Obviously she didn't have a clue she was pronouncing it wrong or else she would have redone the video. Sorry, but that's pretty pitiful. I wonder if she realizes that she's never invited to do any of the legitimate magazines out there....just this creepy rag that nobody's ever heard of. Farrah, give it up & go get a job. You might want to be a mom to Sophia as well...remember her? You know that kid who made it possible for you to be on Teen Mom?? Loser.

Lauren Wasinger

@Emily... I thought that same thing! Who on Earth is buying this???

cmw327 cmw327

She is so dumb.. It's corpses not corpusses!!! She should go back to school and educate herself instead of being in the weirdest magazine ever! What a horrible role model for her daughter.. Her voice is so annoying.. She has really lost herself! Wow!!

Jai Hutto

"there's watermelons and stuff"....? Is she having sex with those, too? 

candy... candyw210

She i fricking crazy! Even though it's not a real corpse, what is she doing??? That is not a photo shoot I would brag about or be proud of! Once she stops being a complete skank maybe she could land some real photo shoots to be proud of with big magazines! She seems to not care about her image and how it can not only damage her rep but hurt her daughter. She seems to care about no one but herself! And Jai after her little porno she made; i would not be surprised if she was doing that lol!! she is a nasty pig

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