Kris Jenner Now Saying She's Proud of Kim for Naked 'Bound 2' Video

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bound 2 kim kanyeJust the other day, the rumors were flying that Kris Jenner, who clearly is on a break from covering up her love affair with Ben Flajnik, was livid over the fact that daughter Kim Kardashian got topless and straddled her baby daddy Kanye West in his latest video, "Bound 2." Let's pause for a little laughter. Ho hum. Never a dull moment, is there? I love it! I also wondered how well that went over with the matriarch and the King of all Gods and God of all Kings, his most holy and Genius with a capital G, Kanye West. A little mother-son kind of feud? Kris is used to battling with Kourtney's man Scott Disick, but with Kanye ... that's a whole other level of EVERYTHING.

Which is exactly what I suspect has happened because now Kris is saying that she's really proud of Kim's performance of riding backward on a motorcycle naked and grinding her man. Yes. There's pride.

I think Mama should be proud. Once your daughter has a sex tape that almost everyone in the world has seen a clip of, just appearing in the buff in a music video with musical genius Kanye -- the man who made your daughter a mommy -- sure ... that is something to be proud of. In "Bound 2," Kim does look phenomenal even though her hair is defying the laws of physics and there's some awkward bouncing going on.

Besides, I wouldn't want to piss off Kanye. Not when he's clearly not going anywhere since he's the daddy of your granddaughter. Good move, Kris. Keep the peace. Don't worry. All that hard work you put forth cleaning up Kim's image after that sex tape wasn't for nothing. She's still respected. Um. Okay. Who cares what the naysayers think!

One thing is very clear. Sure Kanye is a megalomaniac, but he seems to be equally over the top in love with Kim, the beautiful mother of his child. And that is something every mom wants for her kids. So pride it is.

Do you think Kris was livid at first but then changed her tune to say she's proud because Kanye was mad? How would you feel if you were Kris?


Image via KanyeWestVEVO/YouTube

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adamat34 adamat34

Who can believe anything this family says. Whatever will get them.more press/air time is what they are going to say.

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