Taylor Lautner Caught Sneaking Out of Kristen Stewart's House

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Hmm. We probably shouldn't read too much into this -- but last week Taylor Lautner was supposedly seen leaving Kristen Stewart's house in the wee hours of the morning. (Scandalous!)

Yep. Apparently Tay and KStew had been hanging out at her pad and doing God knows what -- and when he exited the place, he was "trying to keep a low profile."

(Because of course he was.)

Their little meeting went down last Wednesday. Coupled with her spending Thanksgiving without Robert Pattinson, it's hard not to wonder if there's more going on here than meets the eye.

Ok, ok, I know Kristen and Taylor have been friends for like, forever -- given how long they worked together on the Twilight series of flicks. But even if they're buddies, doesn't it seem a little bit strange for them to be chilling out at her house after hours? That's what people who are hooking up normally do, so it wouldn't be a huge shock if there was a booty call going on.

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Wait a second -- I think I know what might be happening. Let's get back to Rob being noticeably absent from KStew's Thanksgiving celebration. Maybe she thinks getting caught red handed with Taylor will make Rob insanely jealous and he'll come running back to her. I mean, if she and Tay are an item, he has to try and steal her back from Team Jacob, right?

But then again -- maybe starting over with a new dude who just so happens to be a good friend is exactly what Kristen needs to move on. And it's not like Taylor isn't a total catch, so why shouldn't she give him a whirl?

Yeah ... I think I can definitely get on board with Taysten, or Krisner, or whatever the hell the two of them wind up being called if they are actually a thing. If nothing else, at least it will give poor Rob a break in addition to keeping things interesting.

Do you think Kristen and Taylor are just friends?


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Corrine Douglas

hmmm,,, must be I'm lesin it up with my girls when I leave their places late at night then. We HAVE TO BE hooking up since that's what people do that late. Thank you for letting me know why I hang at my friend's houses late, I was confused. So that also means that I'm having an orgy with my friend's family when I leave her parents house late at night too! Thank you!
Get real! Friends hang out late, that's what people do! Maybe she's still upset and needs a shoulder to cry on! I know one of my best friends is a guy and I can call him when I need him day or night and we hang out and he leaves late after dinner and movies and making sure I am ok before he leaves. People like you spread bogus rumors.

nonmember avatar Olivia

I think he's just another member of her coterie of gay and lesbian pals. I think Alicia is the one she's hooking up with right now.

Silvina Berton

hacen una pareja hermosa por fin lo elige a el

nonmember avatar gina

Why just? A real friendship is more worth than a faked romance.

nonmember avatar Morgan

I think Kristen and Taylor are totally just friends she's still to hung over for Rob to move on and I don't think Taylor would do that to Rob even though that aren't as close a Taylor and Kristen Taylor and Rob are friends. And I thought Taylor was dating Marie Averpopulos

Jenny Boulton

So what I say good luck..

nonmember avatar Gavin

Please. Taylor Lautner is gay, and they claim he was at Kristen's house because he was at a gas station in Los Feliz. Pretty flimsy. Even if he was, I don't get the big deal. They've been friends for years and years.

nonmember avatar Selena

Rob has gone out of his way to avoid being seen with Kristen since last May, going so far as to move across town to a gated community. Whatever they had is over and done with.

He's in London now, and will be filming 3 movies that will keep him on location and out of LA for the next 9 months, which should finally put an end to any more dumb rumors about Kristen. He's so moved on.

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