Mackenzie Douthit Unexpectedly Adds Another 'Son' to Her Growing Family


mackenie douthit dogTeen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee clearly want a huge family. And who can blame them? Family is awesome! (Unless we're talking about weird that uncle everyone seems to have, but we don't like talking about him.) Mackenzie's son Gannon is super cute even when he's smiling at the gang signs daddy's making, and they have a cute little boxer puppy that's just about 5 months old. Plus, Mac's pregnant with a little girl and due in a few months. So many mouths to feed; so many poops to clean!

Mackenzie dropped a bombshell revealing that her family clearly needs another member -- she's already added another 'son.'

Puppy love! Meet the newest Douthit-McKee, a French Bulldog. She wrote on Instagram: "Me and josh just have a growing family ;) Meet our new 'son'. I'm so in love." Oh my word, Mackenzie. I love me a French Bulldog but have you ever seen their poops? It's like melted ice cream, but steamy. I cannot imagine cleaning that up. Can dogs wear diapers? That seems like a better option.

So let's get this straight. Mackenzie at just 19 years old has a 2-year-old son, a baby girl due in February, and two brand new puppy dogs. And hubby McKee, too, of course. Those dogs ... kind of puts it all over the top. But there are dog people and then there are people like me. I'd rather just add more babies. But hey, dogs sure are cute and cuddly even with those hot soft serve ice cream style poops. And as they say ... man's best friend. A Teen Mom's best friend, too. Obvi.

Things seem to be going really well with Mackenzie's pregnancy despite concerns due to her diabetes. I'm hoping all will be fine and wonderful for her and this ever-growing family. Dogs and all!

Do you think Mackenzie is a little cray-cray for adding another dog to the mix?


Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Mercedes

That dog in the picture isn't a french bulldog, it looks like a mastiff.

Jessy76 Jessy76

The dog in the picture must be her Boxer puppy.

bunny... bunnyxlover

someone gets a dog and its news worthy???

Vinta... VintageWife

So wait, right during my dinner I need to read about how you feel about dog poop with complete descriptions? Nice "news".

Laurie Hall

Yeah the dog in the pic looks like a boxer or a bull mastiff, definitely not a french bulldog.


Simon... SimonzKedge

No idea who she is, but if she can take care of them for life, more power to them. Kids and dogs, the perfect combo.

candy... candyw210

@ vintagewife that's your fault for not being able to remove your face from the computer or iPad or phone or whatever you are on while you are eating dinner. And why can't people get this straight IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NEWS WORTHY BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A NEWS SITE THIS IS A BLOG SITE. JUST LIKE YOU WOULD NOT TURN TO FACEBOOK AS A NEWS SITE. I have to read that crap every time a blog is posted about a celebrity or something that did not happen in the news; and then people start complaining that it's not " NEWS WORTHY" SHUT UP !! if you want actual news go to or another ACTUAL news website not a BLOG site! But to answer the writers question I think if she can afford two kids and 2 dogs then go for it. She is clearly making money from MTV, so I think she will be ok.

Hannah Ann Smith

Question: Does Josh even have a job? Last I saw he didn't and was riding in rodeos and not making any money doing it. Who's supporting this growing brood and providing health insurance for all of them? Just askin'....

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