Brandi Glanville Considers Major Move That Could Change Everything

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brandi glanvilleThe reason Brandi Glanville (this is unconfirmed but is my, come on, highly likely conjecture) was offered a spot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was because of her high-profile divorce from philandering ab-and-dimple-having Eddie Cibrian. I mean, there could be other reasons. After all, she is perfectly inappropriate and hilarious too.

I do not say any of this with any judgment. Quite the contrary. If anything, I doff my cap to Ms. Glanville for taking a sucky situation and turning it into a positive (or at least profitable) one. Also, any time someone can walk away from a professional yodeler stealing their husband and still look funny and accessible, a reality TV show angel gets its wings.

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Brandi's bread and butter is her ability to keep a nice, juicy feud -- like the one with her ex and his new wife -- going. So when I say that I am skeptical about her recent claims that she spies a drama-free future ahead with Eddie and LeAnn Rimes, I'm not skeptical because I doubt her ability to follow through. I'm skeptical because Brandi needs a paycheck, and like it or not, these battle royales with LeAnn definitely make up a nice chunk of her publicity. 

But maybe there's something substantial behind it after all. She's talking about shutting down her Twitter account now, after a burgeoning movement of new hater-followers managed to get her down. Brandi's Twitter has provided some infamous gossip-fodder about her issues with LeAnn. Letting it go could prove she's really ready to put the bull-honkey behind her and move on.

Do you think LeAnn is really ready to turn a new leaf?


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Jennifer Row McCaughey

No WAY. MeAnn is just trying to play ball with a new publicity team and has already shown her ass by speaking about how wonderful it is for the kids to have two homes and calling them a blended family. The woman is certifiable and will never get it.

nonmember avatar anon

Leann stalkes Brandi using the unverified twitter account, Irene_Sybil. You do know that Brandi's haters are Leann's fans? Just watch. They tweet hate to Brandi and then go back to Leann and tweet nice things. There are about 5 of them and they each have 10 fake accounts. Leann spent Thanksgiving tweeting to a woman who harasses Brandi.

nonmember avatar Beth

I am no fan of LeeAnn but Brandi has become a trashy, disloyal skank. She is certainly NOT funny and her joke about Stevie Wonder in very poor taste.

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