'50 Shades' Movie Casts a Kardashian Cast-Off

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Rita OraThe producers of Fifty Shades of Grey may have tortured us with news that they were delaying the movie's release to 2015, but at least they're making good use of their extra time. They've cast another major role! So who's the lucky actress to play alongside Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson? Only Rita Ora, aka Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend!

The British singer confirmed on her website that she has nabbed a coveted role as part of Christian Grey's family. She'll play Mia, Christian's adopted younger sister.

So how does the girl who broke Rob K's heart fit the role?

Well, for starters, Fifty Shades readers will remember Mia is the light in the Grey family. She's bubbly and happy.

Considering Rita's biggest hit is called "How Do We (Party)," she should fit nicely in that role!

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Then there's the look. Mia is supposed to be a babe like everyone else in the Grey family, and the Kosovar-Albanian born singer certainly fits that bill. In addition to singing, she's done her fair share of modeling, including being named the face of Madonna and daughter Lourdes' Material Girl Collection and the face of the DKNY Resort 2014 collection.

As for how a girl once linked to the Kardashians (hey, she dumped Rob!) will actually do at acting, there's good news here too! Rita has real acting chops. A graduate of theatre school in her native England, she appeared in a British film, Spivs, back in 2004, and more recently she's done an episode of 90210, as well as starred in the latest The Fast and the Furious movie, Fast Six.

In short? She sounds pretty perfect ... at least once she dyes that blond hair. Wasn't Mia a brunette?

What do you think of this casting choice? Who did you see as Mia when you read the books?


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nonmember avatar unhappy

This is getting out of hand. I know that they are going for no name actors but Rita Ore. Absolutely disgusting. Horrible, horrible, horrible choice. I thought they choose all wrong for Kate's role (which I still do believe that is the case) but Rita Ore. Really trying to make the fans not like this movie. Please recast this role.

Charlotte Pressler

what the hell? mia is supposed to be young, beautiful and bubbly. this lady looks way too old to play the part of the mia. damn this is just getting worse by the minute

Pamela Bowen

I'm disappointed in who they picked for Mia. The others are okay.

nonmember avatar Cheryl gentry

It just gets worse and worse.

Amber Chesney Kriger

Google images of her with burnette hair, she looks cute and younger in them. There's some from 2012.

Kay7684 Kay7684

I don't even know who she is.


nonmember avatar Christina

Worst one yet :( I really hope we are wrong and this is a fabulous cast, but i'm getting less and less excited.

Carmen Dunlow

seriously people give these young actors a chance just because you haven't heard of them or think they don't look the part you haven't seen them in character yet, you don't know how they will be in the parts they are given give them a chance wait until the movie comes out to give your opinion on how they are but until then I think they are trying there best to give the roles to people they believe will be the best. from a very devoted fan

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