Jamie Dornan's 6 Angriest Looks Will Convince You He's Totally Christian (PHOTOS)

Jamie DornanFifty Shades of Grey has finally started filming -- and those new pics of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in character might finally put to rest some of the kvetching about their casting. In the paparazzi shots of them filming at a coffee shop, Jamie has cleaned up with a suit and is looking fiercely into Dakota Johnson's eyes -- and she is looking convincingly innocent and wary. Many doubt Jamie's ability to embody Christian's special brand of bossy alpha male, but here are some more photos that prove he can appear perfectly capable of smacking around a virgin.

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llghd74 llghd74

I think not!! not even close

nonmember avatar Cheryl Gentry

This put our fears to rest regarding the casting crew. They are defiantly blind. J. Dornan looks deranged. Hot? Not even close. Why does he never smile? His teeth are crooked! Oh forget it.

Kay7684 Kay7684

Hm these pics are not helping me visualise him as Christian, hope the movie is better.


nonmember avatar lm

Not even close in my opinion... so disappointing!!!

nonmember avatar Leigh

Actually these looks make me question why he was cast as CG. The only thing that has convinced me so far is that in the set pics from Sunday in the coffee shop he actually looked what I have imagined CG to look like. But these pics? Yeah. Not so much. He'll need to work on his angry face.

Kasia Sos

He does not look like Christian at all:( Charlie was better.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Indiana Jones Christain? Pretty sure thats "Huntsman" Christian.

Anaelisa Cornejo

Ugh I can't he looks creepy and the Christian in the books I read seemed hot and sexy and soo not crazy looking!!!! I agree ladiesssss Epic FAIL!!!! :( FML

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