'50 Shades' Movie Starts Filming: Details of the First Day on Set (PHOTOS)

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dakota johnson jamie dornan first photos 50 shades of grey setPigs must be flying, because believe it or not, Fifty Shades of Grey has begun filming! As planned -- after the production start date was delayed by Charlie Hunnam's exit, of course -- director Sam Taylor-Johnson yelled "action!" for the first time yesterday, December 1 in Vancouver

Some of the first day's filming took place at Rainier Provisions Cafe, a source confirmed to E! News. The scene was the one where Ana is quizzed by Christian about her dating and family life over Twinings English Breakfast tea before she ends up almost getting run over by a bicyclist -- and Christian saves her, of course.

Ah, it's really happening! And it looks like fans aren't the only ones heaving a sigh of relief that it's actually happening now ... 

E.L. James herself took to Instagram to share a snapshot of a slate during the first roll, the 25th scene, and first take, with the caption, "Action!" Eee! Producer Dana Brunetti re-tweeted James' pic, adding, "And we're off."


Meanwhile, screenwriter her well-wishes, writing, "Thinking of team 50 today-- @E_L_James @DanaBrunetti @MichaelDe_Luca @jebbrody. Good luck guys." Aww! They're all so psyched. Ha, might that indicate they're all just as nervous as we are about how the flick's going to shape up?

But so far, so good! Especially considering that paparazzi scored the first couple of shots of Dakota and Jamie in full character, and they sure look like they're already lighting up the screen!

What do you think about the first glimpses of the Fifty Shades set? Are you more confident now that the flick is going to come together?


Image via Richard Beetham/Splash News

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Amy Whitfield

i think she looks old for the part

Betty Nears

I have to agree with you, she does looks old


Little Rose

Older or not, I don´t see chemistry at all!!! Increible all the attention this movie is getting, my instinct, it will suck this movie.

Karen Yager

For all you people out there complaining about the movie! Just Shut Up! If you don't like the charachters than don't go and see it! I'm sure there will be a million other people that will!! Including me!!

nonmember avatar Raysa Garcia

I would have to agree with Karen, if people dont like whats going on stop complaining and following the movie, seriously nobody needs so much negativity did you all really think that 1 movie will satisfy the imagination of millions of readers of course not, thats the difference between a book and a movie, with a book you have the freedom to imagine each characters as you like, there no way in the world everyone imagination will be the same so get over it i did not imagine these actors either but im over im still gonna watch the movie.

nonmember avatar Hanna Alulod

We like giving comments and i love the love n hate about this movie. So yes she does look old - probably on that angle on this pic. I was imagining a little bit more petite than her. And seriously hes an ashton lookalike and a young version of melanie griffith - not that ashton n melanie r bad theyre big time to me. Its just not a right combi.

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