'Walking Dead' Recap: Bloody Midseason Finale Mayhem Results in a Shocking Death

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Walking Dead(Warning: this post contains many, many spoilers.) Doesn't it seem like it was JUST summer and we were all lamenting about how long we still had to wait for the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead? Well, here we are at the midseason finale, so we can move right into bitching about how long we have to wait until the second half airs in February. Damn you and your addictive shows combined with relentless marketing, AMC!

So my predictions for what would happen in tonight's "Too Far Gone" episode weren't quite correct, but for once I wasn't completely off base. The prison/Governor showdown was about as shocking as anyone could have hoped for (or dreaded), and as promised, not everyone survived the epic battle that went down.

If you're caught up to speed, let's commiserate over some of the biggest moments in tonight's Walking Dead:

During the opening sequence, the Governor's back to his group-leading tricks, informing everyone that the only way their camp can survive is by taking over the nearby prison. (Side note: I guess that road blocked by quicksand zombies is the only other travel route in the area?) He tees up the battle by explaining that the group living there is a bunch of dirty no-good thieves and murderers, and his plan is to move into their new home as peacefully as possible, with no one getting hurt in the process. Pinky swear! The gang is reluctant at first, but they're eventually convinced by this unlikely story of a friendly takeover that just so happens to involve a couple of hostages. They're all, "Brian Brian he's our man, if he can't do it no one can!" and head off to storm the castle. Errr, prison.

Inside the prison we get a super-brief confrontation between Rick and Daryl on the subject of Carol's banishment, but there's no time to hash this out or deliver the bad news to Tyreese because everyone's kind of distracted by a weird ... well, what IS that thing? A vivisected rat? Is this Lizzie's work? This a totally random theory, but is there any possible way that Lizzie was the psycho who killed Karen and David and Carol was covering up for her?

Well, never mind all that, we're got ourselves a major shitstorm brewing outside the prison. The Governor has arrived with his makeshift army, including Mitch the tank operator, and Hershel's got a katana held to his throat. The Governor and Rick reach an impasse: Rick can't give up the prison, the Governor's not willing to share, and Rick rightfully points out that once a firefight gets underway, it'll attract a herd of zombies who'll take down the fences and pee in EVERYONE's Cheerios.

Meanwhile, Lilly's back at camp where she nervously watches a walker try and make its way across the river, only to get swept aside in the water. Whew! This place really IS safe! Um, except for the flash-flood-buried zombie who claws his way free of the Georgia clay and bites Megan. Holy shit.

Speaking of holy shit, at the prison Rick throws a verbal Hail Mary to the Governor. "We can all live together,” Rick begs. “We can still come back. We can change.”

"Liar," hisses the Governor, and gruesomely hacks into Hershel's throat with Michonne's katana.


Beth and Maggie scream in agony. Rick opens fire. A full-blown battle commences, with Rick taking a shot to the leg and the Governor getting tagged in the arm. The tank rolls over the outer fences. The Governor finishes the job with Hershel, beheading him completely. Lilly shows up, completely shellshocked, holding her dead daughter. The Governor doesn't even hesitate before putting a bullet in the little girl's head.  
(This seemed horrifically coldhearted, but I think it was actually his way of showing mercy to the child, instead of letting her stay zombified like he did with Penny. Plus, that moment signified the end of his tenuous grip on humanity: he's nothing but a mad dog killer now.)

Walkers start streaming in. The tank blows giant holes in the prison walls. Things explode. Daryl makes a human shield out of a zombie like the ultra-badass he is, then shoots Mitch in the chest with a crossbow (thus ensuring Mitch's future as a soulless walker). The Governor and Rick roll around on the ground punching the crap out of each other. Lizzie and Mika appear in time to place a couple of headshots that save Tyreese, and in a flurried scene of MANY fucked-up things, seeing these young girls blowing open people's skulls is right up there. Just when it's looking like Rick's going to get choked out, Michonne drives her katana through the Governor's chest. It's a killing blow, but she leaves him to turn. However, in a nod to the comics, Lilly ends up putting a bullet in the Governor's head. And thus the Governor's storyline winds -- thankfully, if you ask me -- to a bloody end.

Prisoners pile in the getaway bus, but Bob, Sasha, Beth, Daryl, Maggie, and Tyreese and the girls (I think?) are left behind. Ditto to Rick and Carl (bee tee dubs, where WAS Carl during all this warfare? I feel like we could have used those impressive shooting skills he demonstrated during last week's episode), who go on a desperate hunt for Judith but all they find is her empty, blood-smeared carrier.

The prison is mostly destroyed and infested by zombies. Carl and Rick lurch away from their onetime home, as Rick tells him, "Don't look back."

So, did Judith survive? What's going to happen to the folks who didn't make it onto the bus? Where is everyone going to go from here? Sadly, we'll just have to wait until February to see what's in store for us.

What did you think about tonight's episode? Are you bummed about Hershel, or did you figure his time was up?

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nonmember avatar James

At least there was some action in this episode. I was getting a little sick of the slow story line. Feels like the writing is weak and many of the scenes are just difficult to watch. The little girls being bad asses was ok, but it irks me like Carl trying to be a bad ass irks me. It is just annoying. And Rick, on one of those scouting missions stop by a closet and pick yourself up a new shirt already! Overall, better than the season finale last season even though this is a middle season one, but the show just feels weak and tired and has been for awhile...

nonmember avatar andie

^ I disagree, James. I'm loving this season and can't wait until February. By the way, did they ever say what day in February it will resume?

nonmember avatar me

When he was holding the sword to hershels throat I thought just do it. I liked him but its time for one of the core people get killed. When the little girls came and started shooting, I thought id flipped the channel to children of the corn instead. Wow, talk about disturbed but I guess they saved tyreeses behind so.. I think someone took judith into the bus. She wasnt part of the people we lost reel in talking dead, andI almost jumped with glee when darryl almost got bit. Im sorry, but im rooting for him to die just to see fans go mad. Maybe at the season finale, fingers crossed lol

zombi... zombiemommy916

February 9th...I'm not afraid to admit that I cried the last fifteen minutes it was on, especially during Herschel's "Braveheart" moment...the acting was phenomenal...and I LOVE your Lizzie theory!!! Definitely the best episode in a long time, I will never look at my baby's car seat the same again...although I don't think Judith is really dead...HATE waiting two months to find out!!!!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Last night was really good and I don't think the baby is dead because the car seat was unbuckle and yes there was blood all over the seat but someone who was injury got her out and got her to safety.

nonmember avatar maxxonl

I know most won't agree with me but I thought it was unrealistic that the Governor didn't kill Michonne right away or even that it wasn't Michonne that he would kill in front of everyone since he hated her so much. JMO.

nonmember avatar FanGirl

The writers kill Daryl and they cut their own throats. Men watch for the gore, woman watch to see Daryl save everyone. The writers know it and are smart enough not to do it just for a cheap thrill.
Someone grabbed Judith, blood or not. Zombies don't undo car seat buckles.

nonmember avatar Caroline

Sorry FanGirl, I love Daryl as much as the next person, but I really couldn't care less if he saves the day or not. I wouldn't care if we didn't see him for the rest of the season! I'm far more interested in the psychopathic Governor, Carol (unless she died, I skimmed the article just to find out about Megan as I haven't seen the episode yet), and the children's still ongoing adjustment to the apocalypse. Not every woman watches television for the hunks.

nonmember avatar shanell

I hope Judith isn't dead (although Lori and Judith died during this showdown in the comics) but the main question getting to me is: was Judith buckled in the carseat in the first place.... I didn't notice the straps on her earlier. . And what if the girls got her.. they will end up raising her themselves? or possibly run into Carol ? And now that Lilly is basically alone and had no real knowledge of zombie 101.. Should we just stop looking forward to seeing her again. . I'm kind of upset with her for the dumbness in letting Megan sit that far away from her while playing in the mud.

Btw.. Anyone ever wonder why there are never any children or toddler zombies.. was the zombie apocalypse voided of the unfortunate children? Just wondering about that. . When Darryl and Maggie went to the daycare looking for formula (llast season) That was the time for realistic circumstance of infants/toddlers who may have died and turned. .. ijs (off subject, sort of. . But that may be how Judith is seen again)


I just want to know how did Megan just shrug off the walker in the previous episode but then couldn't get away from one buried in mud? Ha and what kind of mom just lets their kid mess around out of their line of vision during the freakin zombie apocalypse!! But I wasn't disappointed with this episode. I'm glad they did a lot to change it up because the show was starting to feel a little stale to me.

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