Lindsay Lohan's Latest Lawsuit Is Totally Vain

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lindsay lohan Lindsay Lohan can get a little lawsuit happy. This isn't, uh, exactly a revelation. Don't believe me? Just ask Pitbull. So who has La Lohan decided needs some suing this time? The makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Man the girl is litigious! Rumor of this latest legal battle is coming just as pics of Lindsay on Instagram flashing side-boob are making yet another appearance. It looks like someone is craving a little bit o' the limelight.

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Lindsay's latest suit against the game-makers came about because she believes that the one of the bikini babes who features prominently throughout is based on her -- and nobody asked her permission. That's right, you guys. Lindsay is furious that a video game has used a drawing of a blonde bikini-clad celebutante. Because ipso facto, it must be meant to resemble her.

There are some similarities -- in one 'mission' you have to rescue the chick from paparazzi, and take her to the Chateau Marmont (where Lohan lived for a time). But come ON. It's a drawing! Inspired by the ancient-as-time trope of the young, hapless, starlet! I think there's less grounds for suit here and more of a case for someone needing to get their ego in check big time. 

Do you think Lindsay's suit makes sense?


Image via Instagram

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Amber Richardson

Come on Lindsey. You can say its based on you all you want, but so can every other female celebrity. If we are gonna start suing people based on your belief that a drawing that looks nothing like you is you, than you need to start suing every female celeb out there

Nelli... NellieAthome

Ms Stokes, you along with most of the writers of The Stir are hypocrites. You self-righteously jump on the bandwagon  to decry bullying - IF you approve of the target. But you also indulge in the nastiest bullying behavior around when it comes to Lindsay Lohan and others taking every opportunity to insult and belittle them.

Shame on you..... you are actually worse than the average bully on the street since you get paid to be nasty and talk trash about people who have never done you any harm.

You want to know what is wrong with society today? Why people have become so mean? Look no further than the article you just wrote denigrating Ms Lohan and encouraging others to do the same,

hello... hellokd87

I saw the drawing in question & it looks more like Mandy Moore than it does Lindsey!!

Ally Swarrow

I think it's more about money than about vanity. She doesn't get much work anymore, and this is her way of making money, I guess. Either way, she's an idiot.

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