Farrah Abraham Causes Trouble on 'Couples Therapy' Proving Everyone Right

Farrah AbrahamWe all knew it was weird and eye-rollingly awkward when Farrah Abraham announced that she'd be appearing on 'Couples Therapy.' We didn't react this way because we have something against airing your relationship's dirty laundry with countless members of the viewing public, oh no. We reacted with shock because Farrah was going on the show...alone

Rumor has it that she tried to con both her current boyfriend and some random she went on two with into joining her. Both men proved themselves veritable sages by being all like "nah". That didn't stop Farrah from signing on. To a degree it makes sense -- after all, her most dysfunctional relationship is with herself.  


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Farrah announced that she would be featured on the show, where she'd work through her past problems in relationships and learn to "move on". But apparently that's going to be a bit more difficult for her than she anticipated. Because now reports are coming in that she is butting heads with the show's doc, Dr. Jenn Berman. 

Sources from inside the show are talking all about how defensive and crappy Farrah is being to work with. Girl. You've been on a reality show before -- you know better. Think of the edit, for the love of all that is holy, the edit! If you don't play nice, the editors will not see fit to play nice with you either. 

Will you watch Farrah's latest T.V. venture?

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