Sharon Osbourne Admits She Had Controversial Surgery On Her WHAT?

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sharon osbourneSharon Osbourne is a fascinating woman. She's married to Ozzy. That in itself can be a mesmerizing study, but she's so much more than Mrs. O. Sharon has been known to be an oversharer. We know a whole lot about her health and her personal life. She fought colon cancer and had a preemptive double mastectomy because she was at risk for developing breast cancer. But she also revealed that her breast implants were in bad shape and she needed them out.

Now she's revealing another plastic surgery that she had and it might be the craziest procedure she's had yet. 

Sharon Osbourne had vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Oh. My. Word. Didn't need to know that but at the same time, I'm totally fascinated!

Sharon was on The Graham Norton Show and when asked about which plastic surgery hurt the worst, she said, "Having my vagina tightened. It was just excruciating." In my head, I can hear Ozzy yelling "SHARON!"

Earlier this year Sharon talked about plastic surgery abuse -- her own. So she's open about the fact that she may have overdone things a bit. She shared, "In a lot of shots, my face looks plastic and at certain angles I was like, 'Oh, dear. Oh, I should never have done that. Oh, that's a bad one.' So I'm like, 'No more. No more abuse.'"

I wonder if the vagina surgery happened before or after that statement? Probably before. Ouch. Ouch. OUCH!

Look, I'm not going to tell any woman or man what to nip and tuck or not -- to each their own. If a vaginal rejuvenation surgery will help someone feel a little more pep in their step, then by all means get thee to a skilled surgeon! Still, I hope she's done going under the knife.

Would you ever get vaginal rejuvenation surgery? What do you think of Sharon's many plastic surgery procedures?


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Melan... MelanieJK

Put her at the top of the list of those needing a brain cell trainsplant.   I can't figure out why I should care what she does or says so I don't.      

nonmember avatar Irene

heck yes --whats wrong with that // Howard Sterns show yused to do a lot of that stuff,, like hanging vaginas , and stuff .

nonmember avatar Karma

We women (most) that is, talk very open about penis sizes and our preferences. You didn't know vagina size does and can play a factor too! My philosophy, is that both partners want to feel something...this cannot always be placed on men. After three kids, I know my vagina has lose some muscle strength.

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