Kris Jenner FURIOUS About Kim Kardashian's Topless Kanye Video

kim kardashian Uh-oh. It looks like Mama Kris Jenner might be in the process of picking a new favorite child. That's right, there are rumblings from camp Kardashian that The Chosen One, Future President and Enemy of Throbtron, Kim Kardashian has fallen from grace. Her crime? That little ol' music video she shot with lovah Kanye West. You see, while the public at large does not know if Kris Jenner likes Bound 2 as a track, we do know that Kris is SO MAD at Kim for appearing in the buff straddling her baby-daddy. 



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The rumor mill is kicking up with news that Kris thinks the new video undoes all of the work she's done for Kim. She is, of course, thinking of the first video that kicked Kim into the celebrity stratosphere -- her leaked sex tape with Brandy's brother Ray J. To Kris's way of thinking, this video is even WORSE than that one, because it wasn't an "accidental" leak -- it was done on purpose.

There is no way this can possibly be true. Kris Jenner is the woman, after all, who basically nagged Kim into appearing in Playboy. I am sure that the lady knows her daughter's breasticles are major money makers -- and La Jenner loves money. Even more ridiculous are these allegations that Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are planning to have an intervention with Kim. That said, if they are planning one, I hope they invite me, because that nonsense would be TOTALLY WATCHABLE and probably very well catered.

Do you think Kris is really mad about the nudity? She can't be, right?


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