Dina Lohan's New Book Delayed By -- You Guessed It -- Michael Lohan

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dina lohan I can't believe I'm saying this, but it can't be easy being Dina Lohan. I mean sure, the broad's got easy access to all the drugs, booze, and parties she might crave, this is true. That said, she's still got to contend with her ex, the angriest of all dudes, Michael Lohan

He doesn't exactly seem like the sort of guy who's willing to let anything go and move on. Exhibit how he's still constantly in the press even though his only claim to fame is his daughter Lindsay Lohan and his issues with rage -- especially where his former missus is concerned. 

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Michael's back, screaming at the press about Dina again. What's got him so riled up this time? Apparently it's Dina's plans to release a new book which will presumably be about her life. Since Michael is a prrretty big part of said life, we figure he's going to be in there too. So does he, and he isn't happy about it.

When Dina's publisher contacted Michael  to get his approval he demanded to see the book and read the whole thing cover to cover -- presumably under a warm blankie with some hot chocolate. You see, legally Dina isn't allowed to bash Michael in the press and he's going to make sure that if he's mentioned in the book that it's stopped from coming to a shelf near you anytime soon. If he doesn't like what he reads, he says he'll take Dina to court. 

It sounds to me like this is less about the book and more about Michael's unresolved feelings for Dina -- what do you think?

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I'm no Michael Lohan fan, nor Dina, not even Lindsey, but why on earth if she has a gag order not to talk about him would she mention him in the book? If her publisher went to clear it with him, that means he was in it. If he was in it, he has every right to know what's said before he signs off on it. Especially when theirs a gag order in place. I realize talking about her life without him is pretty hard to do, this article is claiming he's seeking attention, but ignores that she is seeking more attention and to profit off his name and Lindsey's. He has every right to stop her from making money off of his name, when she is not even suppose to talk about him. She's a fricken moron for writing the book in the first place!!! Neither one can stop the urge to talk to the media or make money off of how messed up Lindsey is. Unless they all can get some family therapy, Lindsey and her siblings have no hope for normal lives.

there... theresaphilly

Question: Who in the hell will purchase a book written by Dina Lohan? The family needs therapy NOW!!

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