Ryan Seacrest Rumored New Girlfriend Looks Just Like Ex Julianne Hough (PHOTO)

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ryan seacrestA lot of times when people break up they find a person who looks exactly like their ex for a rebound. Makes sense. Sometimes people have a type. Who can blame them? Then there are other people like me who go off the rails and have no real type. If you put my exes in a room together you may want to get my head examined. But we're not talking about me (please, let's not, I have enough problems). I'm talking about Ryan Seacrest who clearly has a type.

Blonde. Hot. Great body. Sporty. Young. Exactly what his ex Julianne Hough is. And his new rumored girlfriend Shayna Terese Taylor is all those things.

Both are gorgeous blondes with dark eyebrows. Both are in incredible shape and both are sporty types. Julianne stays fit by dancing and working out, and Shayna is a model and personal trainer. Damn Ryan. You score some really hot and talented women.

shayna terese taylor

The rumor is that Ryan and Shayna have gotten so serious that she's already met the parents when they all had Thanksgiving together in Argentina. Whoa. That's huge. The couple was also spotted vacationing all over South America and being very lovey dovey to each other. Awww. Super sweet.

All hot blondes with dark eyebrows should pay attention if these two break up. Clearly you have a chance with Ryan as well.

Do you have a type? Have you dated people that look a lot alike? What do you think of Ryan's new lady love?


Image via jdeeringdavis/Flickr; Shayna Terese Taylor/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Kress

I don't see the resemblance. :/

Mark Cox

hopefully she wont cheat witht everything that moves like juli did

Joy Mcbridej

Juianne is much prettier than this lady. Also Julianne would never cheat on Ryan. He is just has a problem with commitment. Mark Cox, who did she cheat with?

nonmember avatar Lynn

They don't look alike to me. Julianne is gorgeous and natural looking. The other woman has a badly done fake chest.

Daphne Hamm

She does not look a thing like Julianne Hough! They just think so because she is blonde!

Brain... BrainyMommy

He looks good with a beard. 

nonmember avatar Jeff

Better get your facts straight. She is not 38. She is only 21

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