Jennifer Aniston Spent Thanksgiving With Another Man (PHOTO)

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jennifer anistonI'm always fascinated to find out what celebrities are friends. Aren't you? Wait ... you're not? Sure, you are! It's super interesting to see the stars hanging out with other stars acting like regular folk and taking photos of themselves and posting it on the interwebz.

So when I stumbled across this photo of Jennifer Aniston spending Thanksgiving with a guy other than Justin Theroux I really started to wonder if the rumors were true and that the wedding of Jennifer and Justin was really off. WHAT?!

That's British folky artist Ed Sheeran -- singer of The A Team and the guy who does the duet with Taylor Swift on the song Everything Has Changed. Yeah, that guy! Love his voice. The other woman in the photo with Jen and Ed is Jen's manager Aleen Keshishian. They all had Thanksgiving together. Ed's just 22-years-young. Apparently they have Courteney Cox in common because the Cougar Town star is also friends with Sheeran.

That's sounds funny. Cox, who is way older than 22 and who stars in Cougar Town is friends with young cutie Ed Sheeran. And now the redhead is spending holidays with Jennifer Aniston. Oh how exciting and intriguing and so very Hollywood.

I wonder if they all stuffed themselves so much they all took naps on the couch? Because that's what happened in my house. I'm picturing Jennifer all perfect looking in the comfortable clothes she always manages to make look incredibly chic taking a nap on a big chair only to be woken up by the smell of Ed preparing the pumpkin pie with a little homemade whipped cream on top. I hope they had the best holiday ever. And I can't help but wonder if Justin was there, too.

What do you think of the friendship between Ed and Jen? Another case of Hollyweird?


Image via Aleen Keshishian/Instagram

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youth... youthfulsoul

I think nothing of it. They're all friends or have friends in common. But I do love his voice.

nonmember avatar Guest

Agree with you youthfulsoul! Sheeran posted recently that he is staying at Courteney Cox's home so the likely scenario is that all of them - Justin included! - were at Cox's for the holiday and this photo was taken. Why must people make things into something they aren't?

nonmember avatar truth

Because Justin and Jen are not. He is with Heide and if you believe this fake pic you are nuts. Jens team plan everything. So not to make her look like the phoney she is. Trust me if Justin was there Huvane would put out a pic. Sheerhan is a diversion.

nonmember avatar Mzell

Oh dear Lord please get a life!

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