Kristen Stewart Was With Someone Other Than Robert Pattinson on Thanksgiving

Kristen StewartWow. That was fast. Looks like their little romantic reunion may be over before it really even began. Apparently Kristen Stewart spent Thanksgiving with friends -- not Robert Pattinson as everyone initially expected.

Cue the violin music.

KStew was spotted outside her pad in Los Feliz yesterday with one of her girlfriends. Apparently the two of them went shopping for last minute turkey day goodies. And sadly, Rob was nowhere in sight. (Say it isn't so!)


And amid reports of Robsten arguing over where to spend the holidays -- it certainly doesn't bode well for their future that they chose to be apart for Thanksgiving. I mean, shouldn't they be all happy and thankful that they've rekindled the flame? 

I guess it's possible that he sneaked in through the back door to join the feast at the last minute. But what are the odds of the paparazzi not catching his truck rolling in?

(I wonder where in the heck he was? Not that it really matters. Unless he was stuffing his face over at the Penn household, of course.)

Yeah ... something tells me this isn't good news, especially since Kristen was supposed to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner for Rob in the hopes of winning him back once and for all.

You'd think if they were really on the road to getting back together, they'd want to celebrate and be in each other's company as much as possible -- especially on a day when neither one of them is required to be anywhere else. Nothing them is keeping them apart this weekend other than them deliberately choosing the separation, which really speaks volumes about where things are headed.

Ugh. All of the up and down stuff with them is really starting to sound like a broken record. But seriously, if they aren't attached at the hip for the entire Christmas break? We can probably go ahead and assume things are officially over between them again. Or maybe not. Man, these two are exhausting sometimes.

Do you think this could be the official end of Kristen and Rob?


Image via the_stir/Flickr

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