Kristen Stewart Was With Someone Other Than Robert Pattinson on Thanksgiving

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Kristen StewartWow. That was fast. Looks like their little romantic reunion may be over before it really even began. Apparently Kristen Stewart spent Thanksgiving with friends -- not Robert Pattinson as everyone initially expected.

Cue the violin music.

KStew was spotted outside her pad in Los Feliz yesterday with one of her girlfriends. Apparently the two of them went shopping for last minute turkey day goodies. And sadly, Rob was nowhere in sight. (Say it isn't so!)

And amid reports of Robsten arguing over where to spend the holidays -- it certainly doesn't bode well for their future that they chose to be apart for Thanksgiving. I mean, shouldn't they be all happy and thankful that they've rekindled the flame? 

I guess it's possible that he sneaked in through the back door to join the feast at the last minute. But what are the odds of the paparazzi not catching his truck rolling in?

(I wonder where in the heck he was? Not that it really matters. Unless he was stuffing his face over at the Penn household, of course.)

Yeah ... something tells me this isn't good news, especially since Kristen was supposed to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner for Rob in the hopes of winning him back once and for all.

You'd think if they were really on the road to getting back together, they'd want to celebrate and be in each other's company as much as possible -- especially on a day when neither one of them is required to be anywhere else. Nothing them is keeping them apart this weekend other than them deliberately choosing the separation, which really speaks volumes about where things are headed.

Ugh. All of the up and down stuff with them is really starting to sound like a broken record. But seriously, if they aren't attached at the hip for the entire Christmas break? We can probably go ahead and assume things are officially over between them again. Or maybe not. Man, these two are exhausting sometimes.

Do you think this could be the official end of Kristen and Rob?


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Ellenj49 Ellenj49

It's over and has been.  But here we go with the Dylan thing again!  Give it up.  He's not with her either.  But now all these junk journalists will jump on Rob dating Dylan.  Get pictures people!  No proof without that.  They get him everywhere else.  Stories without a current pic is meaningless.  Most people read these stupid stories but don't believe them because none of you have any credibility.  Rob was raised in England where they don't do Thanksgiving, I don't see him celebrating this holiday as a must.  Let him alone!

nonmember avatar lenaj

I think Perry is a good cook.

Sherri Allen Haver

First of all it's not anyone's business if they are together or not. Also, Thanksgiving is an American holiday, so I imagine it isn't something that Rob celebrates. If Kristen was planning on cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner for him, why would she and her girlfriend go out to purchase everything at the last minute? Wouldn't she already have bought everything earlier? It's time to leave these two alone to live their own lives. If they get back together then fine, but that won't ever happen with all the paparazzi following them and reporting on their every move.

nonmember avatar deb

Life is short time passes fast. They both have fame and fortune but who do you love n sleep with at night? The fans the $ the directors or HOLLYWOOD? When the rest of the world is moving on with their life and you get old n kicked to the curb who is there for you then. People will use them for their photo or 15 minutes of fame they are simple human beings with a different job. At the end of the day they stiil have to go home to what? Enjoy the $ and your youth while you can. Everyone lives their lfe as planned follow your heart and be human make mistakes forgive and live every day like it will b your last. Time is short n runs out fast make your choices smart follow your heart . You have to b happy with youself when you end the day and start the next. Goodluck n wish you well.

Rita Curry

 Deb, great advise for everyone, but super for, Rob and Kristen. They may allready know what they want from each other. That may just be, to leave each other alone, and move in different directions, or to get back together. It's thier life let them live it!!!!cornucopiachristmas tree

nonmember avatar FRIENDS

kristen n robert made all the Tabloids look like FOOLS AGAIN.......LOL
STOP posting FAKE Photos from the Past.
as for Christmas......They wont be together because they BOTH MOVED ON WITH THEIR LIVES........And all the Tabloids need to do the same. STOP LYING ABOUT THESE TWO KIDS. They did their Jobs kept fans happy till the the MOVIE IS OVER AN THEY MOVED ON TO THEIR REAL LIVES.
They both deserve to be happy with whomever they chose too, their young.
Stop lying about them, an not with the FAKE PHOTOS....GET A REAL JOB.

Gwenda Wakely

Rob & Kristen have been over since the broke up,Rob said at the time he would never date her again and he wont.Dylan Penn is a part time date. He has never said they were boyfriend, girlfriend,she is some one to go out with from time to time,although she would like otherwise.She is a mad Twilight fan,it would be hard  for Rob to know if it was him or Edward she liked.And of course it wouldn't hurt  her career,being seen with him,she says she doesn't have one,but has had a couple of modeling offers,since going out with him.Rob I think likes the single life,it is way to soon for another relationship,he did love Kristen,and it takes more than 6 months to look for any serious.And of course Kate Perry and his family run his life,he has to listen to himself and not live to please any one but himself.If Kate Perry comes back on the scene.that is the one he wants.

nonmember avatar elise

doesnt anyone find it odd that whenever rob and kristen have a movie about to come out they magically rekindle their relationship via various "sources". my bet is kristen and robs publicity teams are the "sources" and maybe they orchestrate these "meetings" that rob and kristen have. ive seen some of robs and kristens other projects aside from twilight and im not impressed. neither of them are really strong actors and i think they cash in on the whole robsten crap circus so they wont become obsolite now that twilight is over and done with.

nonmember avatar Esther

It wasn't until this year that I watch all of the twilight saga. I love every single one of them. I think if everyone did not put their two cents into their relationship, it could have lasted. Maybe he felt being watched by the paps and the tabloids were too much to endure. It would have been so great if their relationship had lasted because nothing seems to last in Hollywood. They both are young and I am sure have learned from this. Kristen is a beautiful young lady and Robert is a handsome lad. I hope neither of them take the next person their life for granted. God bless them both.

Helen Roberts

No maybe he wanted to be with hs family which is natural.

Please just leave them alone and let them have some privacy to work yhings out.

They WILL get back together in their own time not when you in the media want them too.

   Love you both Helen xxx


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