Tom Cruise's Rumored New Girlfriend May Have Already Made Her Escape


Tom CruiseNow that the dust has settled on his divorce from Katie Holmes, the rumors about Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon (the chick from Orange Is the New Black) really shouldn't surprise us at all. I mean, he's single and ready to mingle, and she's a Scientologist -- which basically makes her the perfect candidate to audition for and take on the role of Tom's new leading lady.

The Tom and Laura romance buzz started when the two of them were spotted having dinner together at The Manor Hotel in L.A. earlier in the week. And of course, if two celebrities share a meal together it can only mean one thing -- they're totally doin' it.

But according to Tom's rep, we shouldn't get too excited about him and Laura being an item -- because apparently the rumors are false.

And another insider told Us Weekly, "They see each other at some functions, but they are not dating. He will date again and has been talking with women."

Duh. Of course he's going to date again. That's what dudes typically do when they're flying solo.

But is it really too soon for us to write off the possibility of a romance between them? Other sources say that Tom is "smitten" with Laura, and that they saw each other again for brunch and went to a party together as well after their little dinner date.

Hmm. What should we make of this one? They're spending a decent amount of time together -- yet his rep says there's nothing going on between them.

Huh. The possibilities are endless. Maybe they really are just friends. Men and women can hang out and do dinner once in a while without any funny business going on, right? Or maybe they are just casually dating and it's not serious yet, so they're trying to lay low for the time being. Or maybe ... just maybe -- something was going on and Laura suddenly came to her senses and freaked out and figured she might as well break out of Tom's clutches before it's too late.

Whatever the case, I guess we can assume Tom's still single. But we should probably keep an eye on these two for a little bit longer.

Do you think Tom and Laura are a good match?


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adamat34 adamat34

Run Laura, run away fast. Hes a.loony toon.

Why do people buy this scientology bs they honestly think an alien brought them here? Whats his name??? Zenu?? So silly.

Amber... Amber5151

Why do people buy this christianity bs too? The same can be said for any religion. For non belivers it all sounds crazy and silly

nonmember avatar bob

He "will date again" and is "talking with women." How sick is this?

nonmember avatar dev

He should stop dating women. Stay single. The gay rumors don't go away when he dates women and Hollywood knows he's gay. So he should be happy and date men on the down low. Nobody cares.

nonmember avatar Mary Ann

Tom is not gay!! They need to shut up telling these lies on him!!

nonmember avatar Rob Lowe

Tom is actually dating someone at a aliien farm name Sumone Transvesdike. He is totally smitten, really!

nonmember avatar Ben Howard

Well that is not true because Tom is dating my sister's cousin uncle brother grrandmother left toe. He really love that ole wog meat!

nonmember avatar Vanessa C

Tom Cruise is hot hot hot any woman would be lucky to be with him he seems to be a nice guy surely that's how someone should be judged?

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