Brooke Mueller Claims Denise Richards Abused Her Twins

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Denise Richards Brooke Mueller kids

Uhhhhh ... what? Wait until you hear this one. Brooke Mueller is accusing Denise Richards of child abuse -- and she even went so far as to call the cops on her. Oh, yes ... she did.

Brooke is claiming that Denise abused the twins she shares with Charlie Sheen -- and even her own two older daughters. (Seriously?)

According to TMZ, police officers showed up at Denise's pad on Tuesday night to question her -- and of course, she vehemently denied the claim -- saying it was "ridiculous" and "vindictive."

Oh -- and apparently Denise hasn't even seen the twins for two weeks, so the abuse allegations seem to have popped up out of nowhere.

And now the whole Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody battle has taken a turn so dramatic -- it honestly sounds like something straight out of a soap opera.

Man. I'm not sure who to feel more sorry for in this case -- Brooke or Denise. I mean, I know there will likely be an investigation, but do you honestly believe Denise Richards would do anything to harm those boys or her own kids?!? There aren't many women who would take in their ex-husband's children -- who he had with his other ex-wife. If you ask me, that alone pretty much makes Denise some kind of saint.

If Brooke's claim is false (it has to be, right?) -- I can't imagine how hurt Denise must be considering she helped her out in her biggest time of need.

But on the other hand, if Brooke is making up the abuse allegations -- it only proves even further how messed up and delusional she is, which is just plain sad.

Ugh. Poor Denise. This nonsense should make for an interesting Thanksgiving weekend, to say the least.

Do you believe Brooke Mueller?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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adamat34 adamat34

This bitch is crazy......and to think those boys are back with her....shows how screwed up our justice system is.


Yeah because crackheads are just so honest and trustworthy.

youth... youthfulsoul

She's a drug addict. She probably believes Denise abused her too. Ungrateful and paranoid.

Bmabes Bmabes

Denise is a non family member that was given guardianship over the boys, this means the courts were most likely involved and she was deemed fit. thatdoesn't always mean a lot but I really think Brooke is just insane. Poor Denise, her kindness caused her a whole lotta drama


I believe Charlie was right, the judge is just a fuck head. She has done rehab over 20 times and this judge thinks she should have access to her children. Her brother may have guardianship ,but just look at how easily she can be near them now.She is bat-shit crazy. Bitch should have got on her knees and thanked Denise for keeping her boys together and not letting them go into foster care(though people in that money bracket probably don't lose their kids to foster care).

early... earlybird11

Talk about ungrateful

nonmember avatar Anowscara

Not a word. Dense also adopted a little girl, in addition to being a guardian for the twins. Both things require home visits and lots of supervision.

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