It's Time for Julia Roberts to Give 'Sweetheart' Crown to Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrenceSo we can't all agree on everything, but we can all agree on one thing: Jennifer Lawrence is a badass. Right? Particularly compared to the average "starlet" type. This next question, however, is bound to get a variety of emphatically dissimilar answers: Is Jennifer Lawrence TOO MUCH of a badass to wear the "America's Sweetheart" crown? Julia Roberts, whose reign as our nation's Dream Girl Next Door went pretty much uncontested for years, seems to think so. This is what the 46-year-old actress had to say when she was asked, recently, for her opinion on whether or not Lawrence is qualified to take over the title:


But she shoots flaming arrows! I mean, I think she's fabulous. She seems cooler than [a sweetheart]. Right, isn't she too cool to be?

Hmm. Methinks Roberts is a little anxious about officially letting go of her status! Or maybe she's just behind the times? See, back when Julia's role in Pretty Woman skyrocketed her to uber-fame, the world was a very different place. Among the other top movies that year (1990)? Home Alone, Dances With Wolves, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ... no dystopian thrillers, no zombies, not even any vampires! Let's put it this way: The #1 song of 1990 was "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips. Need I say more?

Point is, back when Julia burst on to the Hollywood scene, flaming arrows were completely unnecessary -- whereas now? They're more or less a part of life (metaphorically, at least). That's why Julia couldn't be more wrong about Lawrence being "too cool" to be a sweetheart -- a badass sweetheart is exactly what America needs right now.

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is "too cool" to be America's Sweetheart?


Image via Rolling Stone 

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